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Actions to adapt to a changing climate

Learning adaptation from Mozambique. #Manchester lags behind… #LootingTIvoryTower

Manchester could learn from Mozambique is the message in this second “Looting the Ivory Tower” blog post. But do we have the either the humility and capacity to do so?  Jon Silver of Durham University reviews a really good academic … Continue reading

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Carbon Co-op’s New Year Resolutions #Manchester #climate

Carbon Co-op‘s Jonathan Atkinson gives answers to the 11 questions that Manchester Climate Monthly has sent to a bunch of environmental groups (It’s also open to individuals…). 1. What is the purpose of your group? (three or four sentences) We … Continue reading

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Good Article on Local Government Adaptation #LootingTIvoryTower

Paper(s) under discussion Porter, J.,Demeritt, D. and Dessai, S. 2015. The right stuff? informing adaptation to climate change in British Local Government. Global Environmental Change, Vol. 35, pp. 411-422. What’s the issue? (and why should we care) Are British local … Continue reading

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On the flooding in the North West. #Manchester #climate

This is from Pauline Hocking, a Manchester resident, reposted (with permission) from her facebook. PLEASE EVERYONE IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO TRAVEL, CHECK FLOOD WARNINGS. Unprecedented flooding is spreading across the whole of the North West. Not just Cumbria but … Continue reading

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What #Manchester could learn from Cape Town on #climate action (but won’t)

MCFly reader Jon Silver on what Manchester – its people and government – could learn from “the South.” But given the wilfully blindness and deafness of the Council’s elected members and bureaucrats, don’t hold your breath… Learning from Cape Town’s … Continue reading

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Repost: “Getting ready for the Fall” #Manchester #preparedness #climate #debacle

Dave Pollard has been doing a blog for a long time. He started it when he still believed we could avert/appease the juggernaut of destruction, thus the title “How to Save the World.”  He no longer believes this… Getting Ready … Continue reading

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Philip Pullman on #climate futures, for #Manchester and everywhere. #nailedit

If you’re a decent author, you can say a LOT in 140 characters…

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