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Actions to adapt to a changing climate

What #Manchester could learn from Cape Town on #climate action (but won’t)

MCFly reader Jon Silver on what Manchester – its people and government – could learn from “the South.” But given the wilfully blindness and deafness of the Council’s elected members and bureaucrats, don’t hold your breath… Learning from Cape Town’s … Continue reading

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Repost: “Getting ready for the Fall” #Manchester #preparedness #climate #debacle

Dave Pollard has been doing a blog for a long time. He started it when he still believed we could avert/appease the juggernaut of destruction, thus the title “How to Save the World.”  He no longer believes this… Getting Ready … Continue reading

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Philip Pullman on #climate futures, for #Manchester and everywhere. #nailedit

If you’re a decent author, you can say a LOT in 140 characters…

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Newspaper reports that #climate change “still not terrifying enough”

This is roflmao, and all too true.  Low carbon culture, anyone?

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Action: Adaptation and disaster-preparedness in #Manchester, to #climate and other threats

Today the IPCC released its latest report on “Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.”  The usual dreadful BBC coverage, staggering comments under the Telegraph story etc etc. What are we – you and me – going to do in Manchester?  What local … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: Wyoming nixes climate education because “social implications” (and economic ones)

Here’s the new climate adaptation strategy. Stick your fingers in your ears and shout “LA LA LA NOT LISTENING” as loud and long as you can.  Pass it on…

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Linking storms to #climate change a ‘distraction’, say #Manchester experts

From this press release… Connecting extreme weather to climate change distracts from the need to protect society from high-impact weather events which will continue to happen irrespective of human-induced climate change, say experts. Writing in the journal Weather, Climate and … Continue reading

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