Food to get more expensive thanks to climate change

Those people at the Sustainable Consumption Institute (see our interview with the head honcho here) have sent out the press release below to do with new research they’ve done entitled “What’s Cooking’ Adapation and Mitigation in the UK Food System,” by Alice Bows, Ellie Dawkins, Clair Gough, Sarah Mander, Carly McLachlan, Mirjam Roder, Laura Thorn, Patricia Thornley and Ruth Wood, There’s a Manchester launch that is invitation only but also has an eventbrite?!  Try yer luck, if you’re interested.

What’s Cooking – the UK’s potential food crisis

UK consumers could face dramatically reduced food choices in the future unless much more is done to cut greenhouse gas emissions, a hard-hitting University of Manchester report warns.

The Sustainable Consumption Institute research claims food which families now take for granted, such as meat and fresh vegetables, could become too expensive for many if global temperatures rise in line with the current trends and reach 4⁰C within the lifetime of many people.

Even if families continue to take steps to lower their carbon emissions from energy use, global farming emissions will continue to rise because of our growing appetite for energy-intensive foods and a rising demand to meet just basic living standards across the world.

Only by reducing consumption of energy, food, goods and services can we have a good chance of minimising the harmful effects of global warming, the report warns.

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2 Responses to Food to get more expensive thanks to climate change

  1. So the public, who will be affected by this, are not even invited to attend? I can see they are going to solve a lot.

  2. such scary times – our voices are more important than ever. we have to be the force for change!!

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