Greater #Manchester Low Carbon Hub. Meets behind closed doors. Papers not up.

Ah, the larfs just keep coming.

There used to be this thing called the “Environment Commission”.  A bunch of Greater Manchester Local Authority types, with token private sector and academic representation, it met often and achieved nowt.  But it met in public, and every so often my former editor buddy (Arwa Aburawa) and/or I would gird our loins and prop open our eyelids with toothpicks and attend.

The “Environment Commission” is (really) dead. Long live the… Low Carbon Hub.

Which meets behind closed doors. No poisonous little oiks allowed.

But it still – with a straight face –  intermittently bleats about public engagement.

While barely ever publishing its papers on time (and often only once vigorously prompted by MCFly.)

The latest episode in the farce? At 6.53 this morning (Friday 7th) I sent an email to them.

is the March meeting of the Low Carbon Hub going ahead? There is no indication of on the AGMA calendar that it is.  If it is, when will the papers be available?  If it isn’t, what is the reason for the cancellation, and when is it rescheduled for?
Thank you
Marc Hudson

And voila within three hours, the following…

The next meeting of the GM Low Carbon Hub Board will take place on Friday 14 March 2014 at 2.00pm, Room 312, Town Hall, Manchester. Papers for this meeting will be on the website later today.
I’ve asked colleagues to ensure future Board dates are added to the AGMA website today.

lowcarbonhubBut, um, Ambridge is in turmoil as I type this (i.e. it’s gone 7pm).  Still. No. Papers (though the “event” has been added to the calendar).  Unless they’re working late (perhaps in Manchester Town Hall, where the lights are doubtless blazing?), then it will be Monday (at least) before the papers go up.

Ah, democracy in Manchester. Donchajustloveit.

UPDATE: Indeed, this –  “Apologies, the papers were only distributed at 5pm so I’m sure they will be up on the website on Monday.”

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Was print format from 2012 to 13. Now web only. All things climate and resilience in (Greater) Manchester.
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