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Of marches, #emotathons and social movements #climate

There’s a march happening today in London, on climate change. There was a time I’d have gone, “on principle.”  Now, pretty much on principle, I won’t.  Here’s why; And emotathons? Oh, and screw Paris.

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Beyond the emotathons #001: “Two bits of paper to unlock skills” #Manchester #movement-building

On Sunday we posted “Emotathons, a beginner’s guide”, which was page 5 of the latest Manchester Climate Monthly. This is a typically emollient and diplomatic survey* of the current state of social movement practice, namely the tendency to stage big … Continue reading

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Social Movements: What are ’emotathons’? #Manchester #movement-building

Emotathons are the Events (marches, camps etc) at which we emote for hours/days.  Don’t get me wrong – emotions are legitimate and vital in every sense. It’s just that by staging virtually nothing but emotathons we use up limited resources … Continue reading

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Fridays on my mind. #climate #movements #unsolicitedadvice

So, the Greta Thunberg thing is continuing. Thunberg is the 15 year-old Swedish schoolgirl who, every Friday, is on ‘school strike’ for the totally incomprehensible reason that she thinks the “adults” have been screwing up the planet and show no … Continue reading

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“Making Public Engagement Meaningful” #Manchester #climate Friday 10th

So, there’s an event this Friday.  It’s now sold out (MCFly has already booked its ticket), but inevitably some folks don’t turn up…   What’s interesting is that they have (thank god) dumped a portion of the sage-on-the-stage format.  Of … Continue reading

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Movement building course in #Manchester 24-8 November

More info here   Apply now to participate in the first ever Movement Builders training – DEADLINE MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 5th NOVEMBER: When (dates): 24TH – 28TH NOVEMBER When (times): Fri 24th: 5pm – 9pm, Sat 25th – Tues 28th: 9.30am … Continue reading

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10 years of Manchester Climate Forum/Fortnightly/Monthly. Reflections on #futility, “lessons learned”

Today marks exactly 10 years since the first meeting of “Manchester Climate Forum”. It was held to help explain the implications of the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Professor Kevin Anderson, who has since become … Continue reading

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#Manchester, #Brexit and #climate change – what is to be done about this total hash?

Nobody knows what is going to happen.  Will “Article 50” even get invoked?  Will there be a second referendum, and if there were, would it actually go differently?  Will the Tories split? Will Labour?  Will Scotland leave?  So what comes … Continue reading

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“What is to be done?” An oracle speaks #Manchester #climate #movementbuilding

First off; why on earth read this?  What credentials do I have to mouth off about successful movement-building?  There was a moment 6 years ago (Call to Real Action), but you can’t dine out on that stuff forever, you know. … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: Film Premiere of “This Changes Everything”, 26th September, #Manchester

Personally, this changes everything changes nothing.  But still. From here ‘This Changes Everything’ – Manchester Premiere Film Screening ‘What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?’ Filmed over 211 shoot … Continue reading

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