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Council gives HOME £1.3m per year – demands NO low carbon culture action.

Exclusive!  Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, Manchester Climate Monthly can now revealed details of all requests from the City Council to the arts organisation HOME asking it to do more to create a “low carbon culture.”  Brace … Continue reading

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Does #Manchester “Low Carbon Culture” Council support the #ClimateStrike?

On Friday thousands of children in the UK will go on strike from school because their parents are doing (less than) nothing about climate change, condemning them to an at-best grim future.  Ten years ago Manchester City Council said it … Continue reading

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What IS a low carbon culture? Report by People’s Environmental Scrutiny Team

reposted from People’s Environmental Scrutiny Team website. The Manchester Climate Change Action Plan, agreed by the City Council over 5 years ago, calls for the creation of a “low carbon culture”. Oddly, the Council has never defined this, or asked … Continue reading

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What is a low carbon culture? – Great reply already!

The People’s Environmental Scrutiny Team (PEST) is asking people “what is a low carbon culture?”  It is putting together a report, to be launched on Monday 17th November at the Friends Meeting House (7pm).  Here’s one of the first replies, … Continue reading

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Divesting from fossil fuels – part of a low carbon culture for #Manchester

We need a low carbon culture (and we need you to help define it first). And part of a low carbon culture is going to be divesting from fossil fuel companies.  The University of Manchester, which hopes to have global … Continue reading

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“What IS a low carbon culture?” – what should the report look like

The People’s Environmental Scrutiny Team is throwing together another report. Who is in this team? Er, you and your friends, and friends you’ve not yet met. As long as you’re someone who thinks climate change is a real (big) problem, … Continue reading

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Council buys four leaf-blowers, has no audit of impact, no provision for less usage. Low Carbon Culture?

In August MCFly asked a few questions about Manchester City Council’s ownership and analysis of its leaf-blowers. Now, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we have the answers. The Council has bought 4 more leaf-blowers in the last year, … Continue reading

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Manchester #Climate “Steering Group” cancels conference, holds first AGM. Memory-holes “low carbon culture”

So, after 5 years, the Manchester Certain Future “steering group” (see MCFly passim ad nauseam) a) holds its first AGM, with less than a month’s notice b) sends the radical goal of creating a “low carbon culture” down the memory … Continue reading

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What IS a low carbon culture, #Manchester? Here’s the Bishop of Manchester’s answer… #climate #adaptation

What is a “low carbon culture”?  Nobody seems to know for sure, four and a half years after it was listed as one of the two headline goals in the Manchester Climate Change Action Plan. Such is the efficiency and … Continue reading

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Upcoming event: Envirolution May 25th “What is a low carbon culture?”

Reposted from Envirolution’s blog. Disclaimer – MCFly co-editors Marc Hudson and Arwa Aburawa are co-facilitating these sessions. Although Envirolution is a day of celebration and fun. A chance to escape the whirl of the city to hear some music, take … Continue reading

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