Strategy & Vision

Here you will find posts (by Marc Hudson and by others) about, well, strategy and vision.  What should we be doing DIFFERENTLY?

How could our active citizenry look a six months, a year from now, with what impacts?

Last updated 17th April 2019

Summer is coming: 6 ways to maintain morale and momentum after the May 24th Strike

School climate strikes: what next for the latest generation of activists?

2020 – How we started winning in #Manchester

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Hope, false hope, stupid hope and climate change – from Paris to Extinction Rebellion

Activism and the #emotacycle: opinions/suggestions sought.

Ego-foddering: Why is it awful, who benefits, what is to be done? #oldfartclimateadvice #climate

Infiltration and environmental movements – what is to be done? #ExtinctionRebellion #climatebreakdown #spycops

12 years a slave to the rhetoric

Dear ‘new’ #climate activist. Unsolicited advice, #oldfartclimateadvice

Will #ExtinctionRebellion end up as #chugging for Friends of the Earth?

Anthroposcenic  Anthropological gits and shiggles. #moraledrain #oldfartclimateadvice

Commentary by others
The Mayor’s Green Summit – another point of view.  (Hanna Knox)

First reflections on the Mayor’s Green Summit – #Manchester always has done a good conference #GMGreenCity

“Do More Faster!” says #Climate “Action” “Network” re #GMGreenCity