November 2014

Inclusion in this calendar is NOT a guarantee of quality. If we think something is extremely likely to be worth your time, then we will put one or more little “thumbs up” icons next to it. We a) are maybe prejudiced about some groups b) have specific criteria about usefulness and c) could be wrong.

Events, dear boy, events.

Tues 11th, 6.45pm to 9pm Manchester Friends of the Earth Full Group Meeting, Greenfish Resource Centre, Oldham St.

Thurs 13th, 7.30pm “Enough is Enough” discussion at Bar 21

Weds 26th 4pm, The Cultural Injustice of Climate Change (seminar at School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester. Open to public. Details here.

wed 26th, 7pm Climate Survivors meeting at Brow House, Mabfield Rd. M14 6LP


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