Job SQ002 – Perform audit of MCFly’s coverage on gender/geography

If you are interested in doing this job, please email us on, in case
a) it has already been done and we’ve forgotten to take it down
b) things have Changed and the job is now very different.
And please remember our terms and conditions – we don’t pay you, you don’t get expenses. You DO get to choose to be anonymous or not…

Date added:3 January
Situation: MCFly does not yet check to see if our coverage is skewed towards leafy suburbs, talking about what men are doing etc. It probably is, but we’d like numbers
Mission: Perform an calendar month audit of the website, and an audit of the print edition: Who does MCFly report on? How many men get quoted/mentioned versus women? Geography – is it all Chorlton and Didsbury? Report findings (with recommendations if you want to) to MCFly editors (who will publish them and then act on any recommendations we agree with. (We will give reasons if we don’t).
Execution: Read through stories, coding them for who is quoted, where the story is based etc.
Administration: You’ll need internet access and the ability to add to a spreadsheet.
Command and Control: You do the audit, we wince at your results and suggestions.

Autonomy: It’s all yours
Mastery: Not a difficult job, to be honest.
Purpose: See mission!


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