Job CL001 – Survey Greater Manchester Organisations

If you are interested in doing this job, please email us on, in case
a) it has already been done and we’ve forgotten to take it down
b) things have Changed and the job is now very different.
And please remember our terms and conditions – we don’t pay you, you don’t get expenses. You DO get to choose to be anonymous or not…

Date added: 3 January
Situation: Our knowledge of Greater Manchester organisations that we should report on/engage with is spotty at best. We need to broaden our coverage and our reach. It gets kinda boring to be banging on about the council all the time…
Mission: Gather names, websites, emails, phone numbers, mission statements etc of a whole BUNCH of Greater Manchester organisations – public sector, voluntary sector, private sector
Execution: You need internet access, a spreadsheet and patience
Administration: This is slow, methodical work…
Command and Control: You, but we would check in to see if things are going ok.

Autonomy: All you
Mastery: At the end of it you’ll know a lot more about Manchester.
Purpose: This would be ENORMOUSLY helpful to us…


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