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Help Friends of the Earth and its #fracking campaign

As you may have heard, Lancashire County Council will soon be deciding whether to give Cuadrilla permission to frack near two villages near the coast.  This decision has serious implications for the UK – if it goes ahead it will … Continue reading

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Trafford Council votes against #fracking

Trafford Council last night (Wednesday 12 November) formally voted to oppose fracking at its Full Council meeting. The Trafford Labour group had submitted a motion opposing fracking [1] which was also supported by the Liberal Democrat group.  During the debate the … Continue reading

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Friends of the Earth talk about fracking, at the #Manchester Climate March

On Sunday 21st September Jane Thomas of Friends of the Earth explained the whys and hows of anti-fracking activism. (Interview at the People’s Climate March). Jane is great. The lack of a tripod means the video’s nowhere near as good … Continue reading

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#Fracking perfectly safe claims local expert in #Balcombe

This, from newsthump, is very very funny. (I haven’t screengrabbed the whole article. It gets funnier…)

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Friends of the Earth: “Support the people of Balcombe” #fracking #crazyspecies

This landed in our email inbox… You’ve probably seen the headlines. Fracking is big news as the picturesque village of Balcombe in West Sussex becomes the latest site for test drilling in the UK. Local residents are battling against the corporate … Continue reading

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“Fracking probably safe”, says government report

From the wonderful satirical fortnightly, Private Eye. You can subscribe to it here.

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Newsflash: Manchester City Council going through the fracking motions

Manchester City Council’s dominant Labour group has passed a radically-amended motion about “fracking,” a controversial process of accessing hard-to-reach natural gas.  The original motion, which called on the Council to “declare itself a ‘Fracking-Free Zone’,” was put forward by one … Continue reading

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(Fracking Awful Event) Report: MCFly unco-operative? Bank on it.

MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson finds out that his price is a little higher than a free ice-cream and a comp showing of an American eco-documentary. I would have been better off staying at the Friends of the Earth meeting (1). … Continue reading

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