Feb 25th Climate Action in Manchester


If you can come, great. Please have a think about
a) things you want to DO in the next six months, especially around the nine actions in the Open Letter that the Council seems lukewarm about.
b) skills and knowledge you want/need to acquire in the next six months
and come prepared to listen to other people’s ideas and share your own.

If you can’t come, but want to be involved, PLEASE get in touch before the event if you can.

Email is mcmonthly@gmail.com, twitter is @mcr_climate. We want to be able to read out messages of support/suggestions from people who can’t come. We will put up the outcomes of the meeting straight afterwards. This meeting is just one step in the journey…

Help publicise this event to your friends! Facebook it, etc.
Add this to your email signature –
Live in Manchester? Want to take action on climate change? Come to a meeting
Tues 25th February 2014 from 6.30pm at the Friends Meeting House.
if you can’t come, but want to be involved, please get in touch! mcmonthly@gmail.com


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