Action Nine implementation plan

ACTION NINE: Properly fund the “Stakeholder” “Steering” Group on the condition that it starts holding its meetings in public, starts the process of electing its membership, and re-instates the Annual Stakeholder Conference for 2015

The largely invisible Stakeholder Steering Group is in desperate need of funds. It’s likely to get money from the “Clean” and “Green” Fund. This money should come with strings attached.

Properly fund and resource the Manchester Stake-holder Steering Group, on the condition that it holds its meetings in public, begins the process of electing its membership, and re-institutes the Annual Stakeholder Conference.
Self-explanatory. Public money, even if it comes from the Airport, should not go to bodies that claim to represent stakeholders but meet in private, without elections and without keeping core commitments.

Tell them they’re not getting any unless and until…

See above. Point them to their own minutes of March 2012 on the importance of elections, and remind them of a modest proposal on how elections could be held that they’ve already seen. but may have forgotten.

Command & Control/unanswered questions
The people holding the purse strings on that “Clean” and “Green” fund.

Financial implications
This could SAVE money. That’d be popular! Unless you turned around and gave it to Manchester Climate Monthly instead. That would be very very unpopular.

Potential multiplier effects
Rather than multiplying, it has the potential to be divisive. So it goes.

Consequences of non-delivery of this action
Polar Bear Facepalm

Next short-term action(s)
See “Execution”

Medium-to-long term actions
See short-term action


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