Annual Carbon Reduction Plan 2012 – 2. Introduction

2.0 Introduction

2.1 The annual Carbon Reduction Plan for 2012/13 sees the Council in a relatively positive position compared to the previous year, and this is reflected in the actions outlined in the plan below. During 2011/12, research was undertaken, investments made and planning work completed leading to many business cases for environmental programmes being developed. This forms the basis for significant consolidation during the coming year.

2.2 Projects developed and managed as part of the Environmental Strategy programme follow the process shown in the diagram below. Projects do not necessarily pass through all stages, as some may go straight to delivery without requiring a detailed business case or procurement process; however the process establishes the general approach taken for the different categories of actions included in the following sections of this plan.

acrp2012 fig1

2.3 Actions in the plan for the coming year reflect the period of learning and development the programme has gone through to establish itself within all the Council’s functions, whether back office and corporate, such as the Council’s property and procurement services, or frontline community-based services, such as leisure, libraries and other neighbourhood-based services. Going forward, a renewed focus on culture change will be maintained, as will the use of improved business information to inform decisions on project selection and to inform members, Council officers and customers of continued progress, supporting the Council’s vision to become a carbon literate organisation in 2013/14.

2.4  The coming year is now critical in terms of delivery, as 2013/14 is also the target year to achieve a 20% reduction since 2009. To meet this target by 2013/14 – i.e. in two years time – the Council needs to make significant progress this year, improving on performance over the last two years. This provides the background to the target of 10% for 2012/13.


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