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“How long have we got” – an attempt at an answer

So this appeared on a facebook thread – I feel cheated. I adapted my lifestyle to make it as low carbon as I could. I voted for parties who would take action on climate change. I even directly campaigned against … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: Education for Sustainability Forum/Networking event, Fri 27th Feb

“Just to remind folk that the Greater Manchester ESD Forum is holding a hustings on education for sustainability this Friday 27th Feb, 2.30 – 5pm at Bridge 5 Mill. The Conservatives, Labour and the Greens are coming, so bring your … Continue reading

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Steady State #Manchester on that “Future Cities Farce… sorry FORUM”

There was a truly diabolical wrist-slasher of an event at the beginning of last week called a “Future Cities Forum”. It was the kind of forum where seven white people (six men and one woman) stand at the front and … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council gives MMU £13k for carbon literacy training – with no contract!

Manchester City Council has given a “contract” worth £12,900 for carbon literacy training … without going to the bother of a written contract!!  Against a target of 60 councillors ‘carbon literate’ by the end of 2014, the actual number was… … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council’s feeble spin machine splutters and coughs on #climate

Manchester City Council set a target (after being prodded by activists) of 60 of its 96 Councillors being “carbon literate” by the end of 2014. They awarded a £13k contract to Manchester Metropolitan University to deliver this training (which was … Continue reading

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Interview with Professor Matthew Paterson, ahead of “cultural politics of #climate”, Thurs 19th Feb

On Thursday 19th February, from 2pm, Professor Matthew Paterson is giving a seminar at University of Manchester on the Cultural Politics of Climate Change. It is open to members of the public.  It will be held in Room 10.05 Harold … Continue reading

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What #Manchester could learn from Cape Town on #climate action (but won’t)

MCFly reader Jon Silver on what Manchester – its people and government – could learn from “the South.” But given the wilfully blindness and deafness of the Council’s elected members and bureaucrats, don’t hold your breath… Learning from Cape Town’s … Continue reading

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