Jobs that need doing

UPDATE Jan 19th 2013.  Another good idea we have let slide as we scramble through the mountains of work… Hmm, we have “practical mcmonthly tasks” on a Wednesday. We also need to be sending out jobs for folks to take on/ignore every week…

Thanks for stopping by.  We are always looking for people to help us with specific tasks.  We believe in “legitimate peripheral participation” – which is a fancy way of saying we want you to feel involved and useful with just an hour or two (or more if you want!) a month.*

Most, but not all, of the jobs require internet access
A simple job requires basic computer literacy (filling in pre-formatted tables and spreadsheets) and a mild tolerance for boredom
A complex job probably requires prior knowledge of the issue and/or specialist skills
A quick job is less than two hours (sometimes a lot less!) and a lengthy job is more than two hours/open-ended.
Some tasks could be recurring if you wanted them to be (for example, having the same person trawling the academic journals choosing articles to include in our “monthly round-up” could become an easy-to-do job”

Here are the four pages
simple and quick
complex and quick
simple and lengthy
complex and lenghthy

Have a look and see if there’s anything you can and want to do. If there is, please contact us at BEFORE doing it (because although we will try to keep this list up-to-date, we are not perfect).  If there isn’t anything on this list, but you still want to do something, contact us!

We have NO money to pay for your time or expenses, but we will thank you publicly (if you want!).

We will number each job, starting with 001. We will “sign off” completed jobs, and ask people who’ve done the job to give feedback on whether the job was indeed simple or complex, quick or lengthy, and what they wish we’d told them beforehand. We will then use this to fine-tune our job writing and estimating skills…

And finally (!), this list does NOT include “reporting” jobs, where we want you to ask people questions and write up answers. If you are interested in that, please contact us at with “I wanna be a reporter!” in the headline.

*And we promise we will never make you sit through poorly organised and overlong meetings where nothing gets decided, (or it gets decided by the guys in charge,) and you die of boredom while someone makes incoherent rambling speeches.


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