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Funded place on “Zero Carbon Britain” course up for grabs

From Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) email. We’re again offering a funded place for grass roots campaigners to join us on our next Zero Carbon Britain (ZCB) course. Do you know anyone who might love a free place to attend … Continue reading

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Human emissions level off… So, no need to worry about #climate change?

Marc Hudson tries to put the “global human-caused carbon emissions not going up” news into context. I don’t know if there are people out there who, on hearing from the International Energy Agency that for the first time outside of … Continue reading


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“How long have we got” – an attempt at an answer

So this appeared on a facebook thread – I feel cheated. I adapted my lifestyle to make it as low carbon as I could. I voted for parties who would take action on climate change. I even directly campaigned against … Continue reading

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Repost: “Getting ready for the Fall” #Manchester #preparedness #climate #debacle

Dave Pollard has been doing a blog for a long time. He started it when he still believed we could avert/appease the juggernaut of destruction, thus the title “How to Save the World.”  He no longer believes this… Getting Ready … Continue reading

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6 things Michael Mann wants you to know about the science of #climate change. Read this, #Manchester :P

Michael “Hockey Stick guy” Mann is a very bright and hard-as-nails climate scientist.  He’s been on the receiving end of smears, legal threats, emails hacking and death threats.  This is how the species treats its scientists these days. #stoopidsuicidalspecies Read … Continue reading

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Hey, #Manchester, Are you in #climate denial? 3 signs to look for, via “the climate psychologist”

reblogged from here. Are You in Climate Change Denial? Three Signs to Look For A slightly shorter version of this post was published yesterday on the Psychology Today blog, “Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Action”  It is easy to scoff at climate … Continue reading

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“Green Teach Meet” on Thurs 19th June – please let all eco-minded teachers in#Manchester know about it

Do you know a teacher who cares about the environment and helping their pupils understand what is happening, and what can be done? If so, please forward the details below to them! The Greater Manchester Growing Schools Hub in partnership … Continue reading

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Funny 4 min video about #Climate Change, denial and science #comedygold

Via the Skeptical Science website.

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Competition, co-operation and what we do after the apocalypse, in #Manchester and beyond

Person A “Whether the story is true (I am inherently suspicious), the underlying point is well made. Marketeers, economists etc have to work very VERY hard to suppress our co-operative instincts and only valorise our competitive ones. It enrages them … Continue reading

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iGas get permission to #frack in Albert Square, central #Manchester

UPDATE: This.  And please read all the way to the bottom, including the comments. Controversial fossil fuel company iGas, currently packing up its exploratory well at Barton Moss, has been given the go-ahead to look for shale gas in the … Continue reading

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