The news according to Mr Logic

1) Is Manchester Climate Monthly (MCFly) a publication/website/hobby that is focused on what is (not) happening on climate/environment in (Greater) Manchester?

2) Is Action for Sustainable Living an organisation that states it does things on climate/environment in Greater Manchester?

3) Might a reasonable person therefore expect MCFly to cover AfSL’s activities?

4) Has MCFly in fact covered AfSL at various points in the past?

5) Is the member of staff who publically announced she was trying to find new work a highly valued long-term member of the core team?

6) Would AfSL keep her if they could?

7) Therefore, is it “news” that AfSL is NOT ABLE* to continue offering employment to one of its core staff, given 1) to 4) above? [*A round of funding has come to an end, predictably, and AfSL has not (yet) been able to get new funding to cover the gap/underhang/shortfall/whatever semantic exercise floats your boat.]

Finally (!)

8) did MCFly get the information that set the ball rolling via
* a private email sent in confidence?
* a private email accidentally forwarded to the wrong person?
* hacking someone’s account?
* rifling through rubbish bins?
* sodium pentathol?
* a sock full of wet sand?

9) Is. Facebook. “Private”?

Finally, I’m kind of embarrassed to have to say this, but here goes; Just because people within an organisation know something is going to happen doesn’t mean that it is “not news” to people outside the organisation. If that were the criterion for news, your newspaper would be even emptier of actual news than it currently is.


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