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Polar Bear Facepalm: USA #climate politics

Reasons not to bother paying attention to Paris #94.

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Upcoming Event: “Gas Networks in Britain” #Manchester 22nd April

Tyndall Manchester would like to invite you to attend the next talk in our seminar series ‘Past and Prospective Developments in Gas Networks in Britain’ by Professor Peter Pearson, from the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London on … Continue reading


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Explaining #climate change in a #Manchester pub – of duvets, sailing ships and coal

Last night I got to do a ten minute “what is my research about” spiel at “PhD in the Pub.” It was followed by a slightly-less-than-20-minute q and a session (because I ‘donated’ some time from that to having folks … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: “Migratory Birds – poetry and perceptions of climate change Weds 25th March MIGRATORY BIRDS  Poetry and Perceptions of Climate Change  WEDNESDAY 25TH MARCH  Roundtable  A panel of literary scholars and climate change and bird species experts will address the following questions:  How does poetry represent birds and our relationship to them … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: Mon 16th March (tonight!) PhD in the Pub – #climate change and the coal industry

Tonight MCFly editor Marc Hudson will be describing his PhD research as part of “PhD in the Pub“. It’s free (though he [I!] may make you buy him a pint… 7.30pm at The Church Inn, 84 Higher Cambridge Street. [website]

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Human emissions level off… So, no need to worry about #climate change?

Marc Hudson tries to put the “global human-caused carbon emissions not going up” news into context. I don’t know if there are people out there who, on hearing from the International Energy Agency that for the first time outside of … Continue reading

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Photo Competition on “Sustainability, Infrastructures and Social Change” #Manchester £100 first prize

Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI) Photography Competition 2015 ‘Sustainability, Infrastructures and Social Change’ We invite photographers to submit a maximum of 3 images per person on the Competition topic,‘Sustainability, Infrastructures and Social Change’ This competition opens on the 1st February 2015 and will close … Continue reading

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#Manchester academic on Global Science and the responsibility of intellectuals (video)

originally posted here. Who knows what about how the world works (on a geophysical level?) How do they find it out and what should “we” do with that knowledge? These were some of the questions that Professor Noel Castree grappled … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: Climate Comedy this Saturday, 14th March…

“Wonderful new technologies are coming on stream to help us create a new post-fossil fuel world. But the scientists are now unanimous. If we trigger global warming, to which we’re now very close, all this will go to naught. Our children will have terrible lives on a trashed … Continue reading

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Will Economy Scrutiny Committee stand up to elite contempt? #democracy #inaction in #Manchester

Tomorrow morning at 10am an important moment in Manchester’s environmental future will be decided, by the action – or inaction – of “backbench” councillors. Members of the Economy Scrutiny Committee, meeting in the Town Hall,can decide to insist that the … Continue reading

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