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Democracy is dying #Manchester Evening News letter on #climate

Bless, the MEN published my letter about this horror show. Thanks for your article about hedgehogs being born because of unseasonably warm temperatures (‘Randy hedgehogs have a surprising spring in their step’ 9 December).  As your reporter Lisa Gray noted, … Continue reading

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Post-truth politics, Trump, and #Manchester #climate nonsense

Everyone sneers at Donald Trump.  So crude, so wrong.  And yet all around us, here in Manchester are behaviours we tolerate and amplify that made him possible and that mimic him. What the hell am I talking about?  The wilful … Continue reading

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Open Letter to ‘Steering Group’ boss on #Manchester #climate “plan”

Dear Gavin, next Monday night sees the launch of the Manchester “strategy” for climate change 2017-2050.  Of course, there already is a “plan” for the years 2010-2020, but since all of the commitments to that have long ago been broken, … Continue reading

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#Manchester: A Certain Future Annual General Meeting 2016: A great time had by all.

MCFly’s intrepid reporter Scott Templeton on yesterday’s simply wonderful event at the Town Hall. Read it and weep tears of joy… In the Town Hall, very hot Death by power point Fewer chairs than last year. Fewer people sitting in … Continue reading

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Not a single #climate meeting at ward co-ordination level in #Manchester. No officers carbon literate

Manchester City Council has been forced to admit that “No specific carbon literacy events have taken place at ward coordination level.” This is despite the fact that the Executive Member for the Environment, Kate Chappell, announced in a public letter … Continue reading

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Open letter to Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Committee members on #climate “report”

MCFly has been covering the council’s promises (and the breaking of those promises) for many years. The latest dreadful report – to be discussed for a few minutes at a “scrutiny” committee meeting on Tuesday 19th July at 2pm – … Continue reading

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AfSL to shut doors – and what implications for #Manchester A Cretin Future?

Action for Sustainable Living is shutting up shop. The charity, founded by the late Chris Wright, was particularly active in the second half of the last decade, but found its funding streams drying up as austerity took hold, as reported … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council abandons its #climate target. Consultation? Don’t be silly

Manchester City Council’s bureaucrats have consistently assured councillors that it was “on target” to hit its 41% by 2020 carbon emissions reduction. So, without any consultation with the wider community a group of councillors has put forward a motion to … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council finally releases #climate report – Emissions are UP.

Ten months after promising to start releasing quarterly reports, Manchester City Council has finally done so. And emissions have gone UP compared with the same time last year. The skimpy 5 page report (4 if you take out the cover) is … Continue reading

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#Manchester “carbon literate” councillors up 50%! From 6 to 9… out of 96… #notbothering

Manchester City Council is struggling with even the smallest climate-related tasks. In May 2013 the  Economy Scrutiny Committee recommended that “all councillors carry out the carbon literacy training in the next twelve months.” Eight months later (by which time 60+ … Continue reading

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