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Upcoming Event: #Climate Survivors meeting in #Manchester Weds 9th April

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Newspaper reports that #climate change “still not terrifying enough”

This is roflmao, and all too true.  Low carbon culture, anyone?

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Action: Adaptation and disaster-preparedness in #Manchester, to #climate and other threats

Today the IPCC released its latest report on “Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.”  The usual dreadful BBC coverage, staggering comments under the Telegraph story etc etc. What are we – you and me – going to do in Manchester?  What local … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: Wyoming nixes climate education because “social implications” (and economic ones)

Here’s the new climate adaptation strategy. Stick your fingers in your ears and shout “LA LA LA NOT LISTENING” as loud and long as you can.  Pass it on…

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Upcoming Event: “What has your #climate group achieved? #Manchester Sat 26th April

Maybe the Steering Group could go along. Only need five minutes. Just sayin’. So, what has your group achieved? Free workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation for climate community groups, Sat 26th April 2014, Manchester, Anthony Burgess Foundation. The workshop aims … Continue reading

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Interview with Luke Blazejewski of “Clean Up #Salford” at Greater #Manchester Wildlife Conference

Thanks to Luke for agreeing to be interviewed.  And to the wife for buying me the video camera, for my 40th birthday last year (cough cough).

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Upcoming Event: “Nature in the City” #Manchester Art Gallery Thurs 3rd April

Thursday 3rd April MANCHESTER ART GALLERY NATURE IN THE CITY 5.30 – 8.30pm The evenings are lighter and spring is in the air. Join us for an evening inspired by Thomas Horsfall and his Art Museum that celebrates spring, nature … Continue reading

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“Greater #Manchester Open Eco-Homes weekends” – are you retrofit enough?

This below is from Carbon Coop… (if retrofitting interests you, have a read of the recent interview with Michael O’Doherty… Greater Manchester Open Eco-Homes weekends We are looking for households from Greater Manchester and beyond, who have undertaken energy efficient … Continue reading

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#Manchester citizens answer 3 questions – 012 Jo Campbell #3qthurs

This week, Jo Campbell, of Moss Side Community Allotment (among other things). 1. “Who are you?”  (Name, where you live, and – if you want to say – what you “do”) 2. “What does Manchester need to become more sustainable?” 3. … Continue reading

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Interview with Greater #Manchester housing retrofit etc lead officer! #climate #GreenDeal etc

Last year MCFly interviewed Michael O’Doherty, the lead officer for buildings and climate change, and Assistant Director of the Greater Manchester Environment Team. That experience clearly wasn’t unpleasant enough for him, since he’s gone under the cosh again. The tl;dr … Continue reading

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