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Constructive dissent or destructive consent? #howyoucansleep

How does any of us sleep? How do we sleep while the planet burns around us, while the chances for a tolerable old age for people now children (let alone unborn generations) a boiled away in a frenzy of apathy … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: Low Carbon Heat Infrastructure, 23 February #Manchester

Free seminar, no need to book. Tyndall Manchester would like to invite you to attend the next talk in our seminar series on “Low Carbon Heat Infrastructure” by Dr. Mei Ren, on Thursday 23rd February (room C1, George Begg Building, Sackville … Continue reading

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Having to FoIA #Manchester Council for minutes of #environment meetings…

So, the Council has (had?) a thing called the Environmental Strategy Programme Board. It was supposed to be chaired by Howard Bernstein, but they dropped that fiction after about a year (to my recollection, he never attended a single meeting).  … Continue reading

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10 years of Manchester Climate Forum/Fortnightly/Monthly. Reflections on #futility, “lessons learned”

Today marks exactly 10 years since the first meeting of “Manchester Climate Forum”. It was held to help explain the implications of the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Professor Kevin Anderson, who has since become … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: Andy Burnham et al on ‘Green Economy’, 6th March, MERCi

Oh Christ, here we go with the “Green Economy” guff all over again.  How many times is this now?  Perhaps someone would like to go along and remind them all of the 1994 “Global Forum” in Manchester, and all the … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: “From Paris to #Manchester” 23 Feb #climate

Personally, Paris, provokes/peeves.  (“Screw Paris” + “Why the hype over Paris and COp21: Politics, psychology and money .”)  Maybe many Mancunians mismatch my miserableness…- MMU!!

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Job Alert: Media specialist for ‘Project Dirt’

From here. Are you a media specialist who can help us take our global campaign to the next level? Project Dirt is working with Unilever’s Dirt is Good team to run and develop Outdoor Classroom Day; a global campaign to … Continue reading

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