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#Chortlon community wildlife garden Sat Dec 7th #biodiversity #Manchester

Chorlton readers (and MCFly has one or two!) please share this in your networks!! Chorlton Methodist Church have a patch of unused land which they are planning to turn into a community wildlife garden, see their webpage at: Hulme … Continue reading

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Fuelling #Manchester and a Community Energy Strategy

Via an email; Fuelling Manchester are inviting people and organisations to get involved in the creation of a Greater Manchester Community Energy Strategy. Jonathan Atkinson, one of the founders of Carbon Co-op and the Fuelling Manchester network, recently visited Bristol … Continue reading

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Short Story Contest runner-up “Skin” by Dan Carpenter #Manchester #climate

The balcony garden quakes; tiny brown leaves fall from branches. The final charcoaled piece of shipflesh falls from the sky, a fiery planet-sized ball of skin and meat. From behind glass in their living room, they watch as it disintegrates … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: “Global warming stopped”? Clock the *oceans*, you denialist clowns…

I know, I know, don’t feed the trolls. They are immune to evidence, rationality etc, and a lot of what they do is attention-seeking behaviour.  Don’t expect them to play by anything approaching Enlightenment rules…

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Short Story Contest runner-up “Choice” by Sarah Jasmon #Manchester #climate

Choice by Sarah Jasmon. The other runner-up story – “Skin” by Dan Carpenter – will be published tomorrow. And on the hill there is a white city, and within her walls all will be safe. Except Manchester isn’t on a … Continue reading

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Richard Leese on how #Airport City will secure the prosperity of #Manchester. Uh-huh

From Our Glorious Leader’s blog Where in the World Last week Manchester Airport Group announced that DHL had signed up as the first tenant in Airport City, the first of what I expect to be many such announcements. The key … Continue reading

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Two fracking actions you can take in #Manchester (well, #Salford )

First is a petition –  If you live, work or study in Salford pls sign petition calling on Council to say no #fracking Second is physical support – Mass convergence called for tomorrow (Weds 27th November) to fight fracking … Continue reading

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