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Update: End of the Environment Commission

With the Environment Commission well and truly buried, all eyes are now on the Low Carbon Hub which is tasked with delivering Greater Manchester’s Climate strategy After a shock announcement that the Environment Commission is no more, MCFly got in … Continue reading


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Event Report: Will retrofit guinea-pigs fly? They had better, or else wfio (!)… #Green Deal #Manchester

Attention Conservation Notice: A short account of a meeting at Manchester Town Hall for people interested in lowering energy bills, saving carbon and generally taking (baby) steps on the journey to Greater Manchester’s climate change goals. Followed by a blow-by-blow … Continue reading

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“News”- Greater #Manchester Climate Strategy Implementation Plan delayed. Again

You’d be forgiven for not knowing it, but there’s a “Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy.”  It sets out some challenging targets.  One of the targets that is being missed, however, is the deadline to produce a plan to implement that … Continue reading

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Environment Commission plays musical chairs; without a chair.

and the song is “The Sound of Silence.“ By dawn on May 4th Dave Goddard, chair of the Environment Commission, knew he had lost his council seat. Later that day we phoned and then sent an email to officers who … Continue reading

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Elections: New chair needed for Environment Commission, Lib Dems wiped out in Manchester

Dave Goddard, chair of the Environment Commission(and, incidentally leader of Stockport Council)has held lost his seat in the latest local authority elections. Standing for re-election in Offerton ward, he was edged out by Labour’s Laura Booth (1346 votes) to his … Continue reading

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Greater Manchester makes its decision on the Green Deal (sort of)

In a bid to keep our readers awake and me sane, this report is only of the key decisions and interesting debates that took place at the Environment Commission’s 21 March meeting (1). It is not an official record of … Continue reading

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Delays vs. Delivery: Greater Manchester’s Climate Change Strategy

Delivery of Greater Manchester’s Climate Change plans still on schedule despite three month delay for its approval, insist officials In July 2011 the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities agreed a Climate Change strategy with ambitious 2020 carbon reduction targets. Officers … Continue reading

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Environment Commission Feb 2012 – for policy wonks only!!

Attention Conservation Notice: This detailed account of the Environment Commission’s meeting will be of interest to policy wonks fixated on Greater Manchester investment and transformation, weirdos who use their annual leave sitting in long meetings,  and insomniacs. Don’t say you … Continue reading

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Environment Commission Update – apologies, delays & the year ahead

Due to the high number of apologies, the Greater Manchester Environment Commission has cancelled its December meeting and rescheduled it for…. February 2012. As we head towards the end of 2011, there will be swathes of people looking back over … Continue reading

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Event Report: Greening the Green Deal

How do you solve a problem like .. leaky buildings? Most of the houses and offices we will be living in the year 2050 – when our carbon emissions are supposed to be 80% lower– are already built. But how … Continue reading

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