Upcoming Event: “Climathon” #Manchester 27 October

Climate Innovators – Create real solutions to your city’s climate challenge, take action in your city!

How will you benefit from Climathon?

  • Help solve your city’s local climate challenge, and make your city more resilient to climate change
  • Network with local leaders from academia, business and public authorities
  • Develop your skills in public speaking, innovative thinking, prioritisation, and explore new tools and methodologies
  • Join forces with other like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Become a part of a global community working together to take climate action!

Application Deadline: 25th October, 2017


Using Green Infrastructure to Reduce Manchester’s Risk of Flooding and Heat Stress

The Challenge
Manchester is experiencing the combined effects of climate change and ongoing growth and urban development: surface water flooding has increased ten-fold since the 1950s, and the number of heat stress incidents has doubled over the same period. Without intervention, this trend is set to continue and accelerate as Manchester increasingly experiences the predicted effects of climate change: wetter and warmer winters, hotter and drier summers, and with more periods of extreme and unpredictable weather.

The Manchester Climate Change Strategy 2017-50 sets out the commitment to use ‘green infrastructure’, both existing and new, to reduce these impacts and the risks of impact over the short, medium and long-term. The term ‘green infrastructure’ (GI) describes all the city’s parks, gardens, green roofs, trees, grass verges, river valleys, and all other components of the natural environment that can be integrated as part of urban areas.

The use of GI in order to deliver the potential climate adaptation and resilience benefits outlined in Manchester’s climate change strategy is limited by a number of barriers. The Manchester Climathon 2017 will focus on one of these barriers: funding and resources, from delivery, through to long-term management and maintenance.

What Does the Climathon Involve? 

Through a 1-day competition, teams will develop an area-specific but scalable Green Infrastructure project and investment strategy that enables the scheme to be delivered and managed over the long-term. Details of the proposed Manchester site for the project will be provided on the day of the competition.


The Event

What      Manchester Climathon 2017: Using Green Infrastructure to Reduce Manchester’s Risk of Flooding and Heat Stress

When     9am to 5pm on Friday 27th October 2017. Lunch will be provided and the event will be followed by a celebratory drinks reception.

Who       Students, entrepreneurs, big thinkers and technical experts 

Why       For a full day hackathon to create innovative solutions to Manchester’s challenges in the face of climate change

Where    HOME, 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, M15 4FN.

Organisers Manchester Climate Change Agency

Questions info@manchesterclimate.com

Climathon brings together the climate challenges faced by the world’s cities and the people who have the ability and the passion to solve them. Manchester’s students, start-ups, entrepreneurs, big thinkers and technical experts are being invited to take part in a Global climate change hackathon which will take place simultaneously in major cities around the world on 27 October 2017.

To register click the ‘Join this Climathon’ link above. We’re looking for teams of 3-6, but if you have more or fewer people get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. Only one person from each team needs to register the team with us. 

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Upcoming Event: Launch ofGreater #Manchester Sustainable Food Vision Thurs 19th Oct

This Thursday (19th October) we’re launching not one but two celebrations of sustainable food, at an informal evening get-together at Bridge 5 Mill;

  • Unlikely Heroes photographic exhibition, featuring some familiar faces!
  • Greater Manchester Sustainable Food Vision, developed collectively by our region’s sustainable food movement.

We’ll be joined by photographer and researcher Walter Lewis, who spent 2015 travelling the length and breadth of England & Wales in a “Year-Long Photographic Exploration of An Agrarian Renaissance”.

Join us for the launches & a glass of wine!
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Carbon Coop – “transition is complex, and we want to run events reflecting that”

Readers of MCFly and another site will know that bad meetings – where hardly anyone can ‘meet’ because the organisers are in effect feeding the attendees to the speakers as ‘egofodder’ – are a sore point. So few of the organisations that say they are tackling climate change are trying to innovate in their formats, and so people come and go, alienated and frustrated but not necessarily knowing why, or knowing but giving up.

So, when Carbon Coop, the Manchester-based outfit that is helping individuals and groups cut their carbon footprints, announced it was holding a ‘Great Energy Debate’ [November 6, free, book here] , there was a sigh of relief at MCFly Towers when the ‘sage on the stage’ format of experts telling rows of people The Truth was to be subverted.  Here is an email interview with Jonathan Atkinson, one of the people behind Carbon Coop…
great energy escape

1. The format for November 6  is a little different from the traditional
panel and Q and A. Why are you tweaking the format?  (i.e what is wrong
with the status quo)

A bit of background about the event. We’re running an immersive game for families and young people at the Manchester Museum as part of the Science Festival this year – http://greatenergyescape.carbon.coop/

The game is all about the complexities of the energy system transition we’re experiencing and the different decisions, balances and prioritisations that will need to be made in future. Obviously, as it’s a game we’ve had to simplify some aspects and tailor the game for the audience – this follow up event is for those who have visited the game or heard about it and want to dive in to the detail.

Because the transition is a complex and changing process we wanted to run an event that reflected that complexity – as such, it’s not about three experts ‘telling it like it is’ instead we want to pool and harness the knowledge in the room. This means involving attendees as participants, using small group discussions and reflections as part of an

Where do the tweaks come from? (own experience, pure experiment?)

Actually, whenever we do an event or speak at an event we try and think around more participatory formats and exercises. This can be very simple, like a show of hands, or 2-3 minutes for attendees to introduce themselves to each other in small groups, but ideally there is small group discussion and debate filtering through to some kind of debate and dialogue.
I spoke at a Community Energy conference in June and prior to the event I solicited views via Twitter and then shared them in the conference, with many of the people present, that was a great way to get people thinking.

We also keep our eyes open for new formats, techniques and tools to try and keep things fresh, and obviously rip off ideas from other events we attend that have been successful in some way – sadly the most innovative stuff is often happening in other sectors, eg there is a lot of new, interesting thinking in health and social care, especially around the role of ‘social movements’ in involving people in non-traditional primary health care activities.

Are you worried that some people might be uncomfortable with the change,
at least initially?

Never! Maybe, when you ask them to break in to small groups. there’s a second of puzzled bewilderment crossing their faces, but actually people love to talk and interact, and when you give them permission to do this you help them overcome the natural barriers of shyness and awkwardness. The biggest issue is shutting them up, which I always feel bad about, because in some ways that should be what an event like this is all about!

What does success look like for this meeting? How do you intend to
measure it?

On a base level, success is about a cacophonous room filled with animated discussion and laughter. On a more practical level, success is measured in attendees, in the diversity of these attendees (measured in a variety of ways) and in terms of interaction.
Carbon Co-op operates by ‘Carver Governance’ or ‘Policy Governance’, and as a result we have a set of ends we aim to measure our activity against, around carbon reduction but also around collective action, energy justice and government collaboration. We measure everything we do against these. So this event will be measured via a qualitative report/write up and quantatitive data from a post-event survey. The evaluation of this data will be shared on an annual basis in the form of something similar to a Social Impact report, covering all our activities.
Anything else you’d like to say?
Please come to the event – it’s going to be really interesting.
MCFly will be there on the 6th November and will write an event report (though probably not as quickly as Carbon Coop itself – these guys are on it.  Meanwhile, wouldn’t it be great if the example set by Carbon Coop could be picked up by some other groups.  But they mostly lack the brain, spine, heart…


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Upcoming Event: Great Energy Escape panel, Mon 6th November

It will be interesting to see if any ‘tweaks’ to the sage on the stage format are made, or if it becomes the usual Q&A (actually P&A – preening and attacking). The hosts, Carbon Coop,have a well-deserved reputation for doing things differently and better, so there is at least a chance…. Anyway, it’s free, and you book here.

great energy escape‘The Great Energy Escape’ panel discussion

As part of the Manchester Science Festival 2017, Carbon Co-op and Energy Democracy Greater Manchester are running the Great Energy Escape, an immersive game exploring the challenges of the energy transition we’re all now involved in.

In this follow up event, we ask about electric vehicles, smart homes, power blackouts and municipal energy. What does our future energy system look like in Greater Manchester and beyond, how quickly will things change and how will citizens be involved?

We have three speakers:

  • Colin Baines of Friends Provident Foundation talks about the challenges facing ‘The Big Six’ energy companies and asks” “Are their days numbered?”
  • Emilia Melville shares her research carried out with the University of Surrey and BuroHappold Engineering in to energy democracy – how can citizens be more involved in the energy system?
  • Electricity North West, the distributors of electricity in the North West explain the challenges of a changing grid as more renewable generation is accomodated and more electric vehicles come online.

The event is relevant to:

  • Energy industry practicioners, workers and unions
  • Energy democracy, environmental and climate change activists and campaigners
  • Policy makers
  • Academics, scientists and researchers
  • Anyone with an interest in the future of the energy system.

There will be an opportunity to pitch in your questions on the evening.


Wise Minds: The energy transition and large utilities Insights from energy industry and political leaders on the rapidly changing UK energy system

In August 2017, Friends Provident Foundation and Forum for the Future published a report examining the ‘Big Six’ energy company viability in light of the technological change, decarbonisation and democratisation within the energy system. The report included contributions from six energy industry heavyweights including former ministers and CEOs of Big Six companies and suggested these company’s business models are likely to be severely challenged in the coming years.

Read the report here: https://www.forumforthefuture.org/sites/default/files/files/WiseMinds_Report_FINAL_compressed.pdf

Speaker Biographies

Colin Baines

Colin Baines is an Investment Engagement Manager for Friends Provident Foundation, an independent capitalised charity with a focus on building a more resilient, sustainable and fairer economic system. Colin is responsible for the integration of its endowment with its charitable objectives, including via impact investments and shareholder engagement. He is currently leading a programme of engagement with the utility sector to develop new business models that are resilient to energy market disruption.

Previous to this Colin worked for the Co-operative Bank and Group for 20 years, during which time he was responsible for ethical finance and corporate responsibility policies, and social goals campaigns. He has co-authored ground-breaking reports on high carbon financial risk, led successful advocacy for mandatory greenhouse gas reporting by FTSE companies, and co-founded the Community Energy Coalition, successfully campaigning for and contributing to DECC’s Community Energy Strategy.

Part of the Carbon Co-op Info Night series

Sponsored by Electricity North West

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Free Caribbean #Climate Change Event in #Manchester, Sat 4th Nov

Trouble Nuh Set Like Rain! Caribbean Climate Change Event

stay alive

Sat 4 November 2017 13:00 – 17:00 GMT

Windrush Millennium Centre, Alexandra Road, Moss Side

Book here.


Come join us to learn more about the Caribbean and explore the threats of climate change on the region. Through a range interactive activities for all ages the event will include; short talks and presentations, a debate, and hand-on activities for children and families.

People in the Caribbean face an uncertain future as climate change unfolds. Already the impact is being felt disproportionately by black people globally. ‘1.5 to stay alive’ was the slogan chosen by Caribbean governments who’ve called for global temperature rises to be limited to no more than 1.5c. Anything over and above that spells climate chaos for the region!

The day will include;

  • 1.5 to Stay Alive – the Caribbean Experience
  • Island hopping! Quick time travel through the living history and current climate concerns of several Caribbean islands
  • Who fund science and does it matter? (BSA Future Debates)
  • Living with Nature: Biomimicry, Indiginous ‘ways of knowing’, and engineering for a better world.
  • Various environmental science themed Arts and Maker activities
  • Caribbean food and Artistic entertainment

The event is open to all communities with an interest in the climate of our planet, the Caribbean region, the future of its people and their culture.

NB: Your FREE ticket includes Caribbean food and entertainment – come and enjoy!

NB: the venue is fully accessible

For inquiries or if you would like to contribute to the event contact: Anita Shervington via ‘contact organiser’ button

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Upcoming Event: Sustainability and Innovation + evening debate and wine reception ‘Sustainability and the City’ #Manchester 25 October

From here (where you can book)

Manchester Metropolitan University
Wednesday, 25 October 2017 from 09:00 to 19:30
Celebrating SEEG: a full day of interactive sessions intersecting Sustainability and Innovation chaired by Prof. Sally Randles with evening debate and wine reception ‘Sustainability and the City’. This is an open public event at Manchester Metropolitan. All welcome (please register)

In 2016, the University made the strategic decision to invest in a new Chair of Sustainability and Innovation within the Faculty of Business and Law. Professor Sally Randles was appointed to this post and was tasked with leading Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise Group (SEEG), giving impetus to a new phase of SEEG’s story and connecting SEEG to the new University strategy, which has Sustainability as one of its five cross-university pillars of strategic focus.

SEEG is co-convened by  Sally Randles and Olga Kuznetsova. We are celebrating this new phase with a full day of key-note speakers, panel discussions, fast-moving show and tell ‘elevator pitches’, information display boards, and an open public evening panel and reception: ‘Sustainability and the City’. Through this event we will bring together our Manchester Met. sustainability research community and we invite our wider community of organisations and individuals, our existing collaborating partners, those interested to learn more, or simply the curious, to join us, on 25 October 2017.

Registration will start from 9am, followed by a number of talks and debates with a closing panel session at 5-6pm All delegates are invited to a wine reception 6-7pm.

Please see the scheduled programme:

8:30 Registration, Coffee, Juice & Croissants


9:10 Welcome & Introduction –

  • Ø  Prof. Richard Greene, Pro-Vice Chancellor Research and Knowledge Exchange, Manchester Metropolitan University.
9:15 Keynote 1. – Active transformations: Processes of designing and leading new international research centres.

  • Ø  Prof. Philippe Laredo, Directeur de Recherche in the Laboratoire Territoires, Techniques, Sociétés (LATTS) at the Ecole des Ponts, Paris.
9:45 SEEG’s proposed new vision and 3 year plan.

Chair: Prof. Cathy Urquhart, Professor of Digital Business, Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Ø  Prof. Sally Randles, Chair of Sustainability and Innovation, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School & SEEG co-convenor.


10:15 Panel: ‘Conversations on Sustainability: Alternative Organisation and New Business Formats’

Chair: Dr Olga Kuznetsova, SEEG Co-convenor, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

Panel Members: Dr Mike Bull, Dr Javier Lloveras, Celille Berranger

11:00 Coffee


11.15 Bringing natural ecosystem conservation, biodiversity, management & governance together

  • Ø  Prof. Richard Preziosi, Professor of Ecological Genetics, Head of the Centre for Ecology and Environment, Manchester Metropolitan University.


11.30 Panel: Sustainable Consumption: Pluralising strategies of trying to ‘do good’

Chair: Prof. Alan Warde, Professor of Sociology, University of Manchester

  • Ø  Dr Tom Schroeder, University of Heidleberg, Germany
  • Ø  Dr Dan Welch, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester
12:30 Lunch, networking, and viewing posters


13:30 Keynote 2: Inaugural Lecture: De-facto Responsible Innovation, What is it and why does it matter?

Chair: Dr Liz Price, Head of School of Science and Environment, Faculty of Science and Engineering. Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • Ø  Prof. Sally Randles, Chair of Sustainability and Innovation, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School


14:00 Keynote 3: International Collaborations: Responsible Innovation & Futures of Innovation in Society (by video presentation)

  • Ø  Prof. Erik Fisher, Professor of Economics, Arizona State University, USA
14:30 ‘Show and Tell’ 5minute Elevator Pitches from SEEG Members: Manchester Met Faculty of Business and Law

Chair: Sally Randles

  • Ø  Helen Wadham: Pedagogy and training methods for Sustainability Education: experimenting with Enquiry Based Learning blended with online learning
  • Ø  Helena Kettleborough: Action Research :Engaging Communities, bringing about change
  • Ø  Konstantina Skritsovali: Political CSR
  • Ø  Kate McNeill: Driving sustainability for innovation through supply chains
  • Ø  Mohammed Hajhashem: H2020 SMART-Maps: Baseline study of Responsible Innovation in 6 countries and 3 Health Technologies.
  • Ø  Jamie Agombar: Student Action for Sustainability National Union of Students.
15:20 Show and Tell’ 5 minute Elevator Pitches from SEEG Members: Manchester Met Faculty of Science and Engineering:

Chair: Sally Randles

  • Ø  Valeria Vargas: Education for Sustainable Development: uncovering different policy responses in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
  • Ø  Amanda Reid: The Waste2ResourceInnovation Network.
  • Ø  Dr Ed Randviir: The Science of Waste: Partner projects with Viridor Lang
  • Ø  Carly Fletcher: Waste regulation standards and their impact on the behaviour of waste managers.
  • Ø  Dr Chris Paling: The wicked problem of Sustainable Aviation.
  • Ø  Dr Graeme Heyes: New Business Models in Airport Retail.
  • Ø  Future Technologies and their role in Greening Futures: Fuel Cell Innovation
  • Ø  Dr Hannah Matthews: Working with regional organisations on environmental management systems.
16:30 Audience Discussion & Q&A

Thanks and Close – Sally Randles & Olga Kuznetsova


17:00 Reception drinks and light refreshments


18:00 Evening Session ‘Sustainability and the City’


Keynote 4 – Sustainability and the City


18:30 Sustainability and the City Panel Session

Chair: Sally Randles

  • Ø  Steph Lynch: Manchester Climate Change Agency:  The Manchester 2050 Zero Carbon Strategy
  • Ø  Manchester City Council: Manchester Active in European Sustainability Partnerships: The EU Triangulum Project http://triangulum-project.eu/
  • Ø  Cooler: Local Innovation Passion & Excellence : Carbon Literacy in Greater Manchester
  • Ø  Dr Dane Anderton: Institute of Place Management, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
  • Ø  Dr Tamara Mcneill: Global International Reach: the SAUNAC project. Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.


19:30 Reception drinks and light refreshments
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“Adapting Greater #Manchester” Fri 10 November

Of course, folks have been talking about adaptation for a good ten years…

Still, book herebook here for this…



Discover the next generation of climate adaptation resources!

The morning session of this event provides an opportunity to hear about the latest developments regarding the Climate Just website and map tool, including from Prof Sarah Lindley (University of Manchester) and Paul Sayers (Sayers and Partners) who will talk about his latest research on present and future flood vulnerability. They will be joined by other members of the project team for a Q&A and wider discussion about climate justice in the context of the Manchester ESRC Festival of Social Science, of which this event is part.

After lunch (included) there will be an opportunity to individually preview the newly revised Climate Just tool, though note that numbers are limited due to the capacity of the computer training suite. Pre-booking is essential to guarantee yourself a PC.

You might also be interested in other ESRC Festival of Social Science events in Manchester and further afield.

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