Energise festival this weekend, Hulme, #Manchester

31st March – 1st April – #energise festival highlights
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31st March – 2nd April 2017

A weekend of music, food, talks, workshops, open homes, poetry, theatre, films, family friendly activities and more.

Various locations across Greater Manchester. Events free of charge.

Featuring the Energise Festival:

  • Midday-8pm, Saturday 1st April 2017
  • Hulme Community Garden Centre, 28 Old Birley St, St. George’s, Manchester M15 5RG
  • Family friendly + wet weather activities if the sun doesn’t shine

For full details, times and booking links check the website:


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Energise Music Festival

Barrow Down Food and Music stage

Midday to 8pm, Hulme Garden Centre

This ‘ramshackle’ main stage will host a mix of local talent including Quiet Loner, Louis Barabbas and Elle Mary.

We will be firing up the pizza oven, Tibetan Kitchen will be serving delicious food, and the Community Cafe will be stocking up treats. Moss Cider will be assisting the revelry with their locally-sourced apple-based drinks (non-apple based drinks also available!).

Energise Music Festival

Panel discussion: New Populism – Learning to talk with people we disagree with

18:30 – 20:30 – Yard Theatre

The last year has seen seismic political shocks in the form of the Brexit vote and Trump’s election. But it has highlighted the vast range of opinions and view points within our society.

In the context of climate change, what does the rise in popularism mean for people committed to taking effective collective action to re-shape our society?

Join us for a panel discussion with George Marshall (Climate Outreach), Sheila Menon (Reclaim the Power) and Kooj Chuhan (Metaceptive and Virtual Migrants)

Book here: https://new-popularism.eventbrite.co.uk

Energise Music Festival

Panel discussion: Retrofit Question Time

14:00-15:00 Yard Theatre, Hulme

Interested in eco-home renovations? Want your retrofit questions answered?

This session hosted by Carbon Co-op brings together retrofit architect Marianne Heaslip (URBED), builder Dan Chaplin (LATCH), Jonathan Atkinson of Carbon Co-op and home owner and Carbon Co-op member Fiona Nicholls all of whom have lots of experience in energy efficient retrofit. Chair: Rob Jones (Carbon Co-op)

More information & booking: https://retrofit-question-time.eventbrite.co.uk

Energise Music Festival

The Carbon Co-op Caravan

13:30-15:00 Yard Theatre, Hulme

Find out more about the organisers of Energise. Carbon Co-op is a community benefit society co-operative, with members who want make large scale reduction in their domestic carbon emissions.

We provide the practical tools, technical information and support people need to take action on climate change in their own homes. If you want to meet some of our inspiring members and get energy advice, pop it for a cuppa and a biscuit!


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ZERO carbon literacy training for anyone in #Manchester Council 31 Jan to 23 February

What a surprise. Here’s the raw data of the FOIA.

Dear Mr Hudson

Re: – Request for Information – Freedom of information request – carbon literacy training – reference number PEO/AJVD7H

Thank you for your request for information, which was received by Manchester City Council on 23rd February 2017 and has been considered under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

I set out below your request for information:

Thank you for your response to my FoIA on the carbon literacy status of councillors and senior officers, Reference No: PEO/AJ4MCU
I am shocked and confused that no councillors or members of the Strategic Management Team have had any change in their carbon literacy status. This seems to make the statement on 3 January 2017 by the Executive Member for the Environment, Cllr Rosa Battle, that she would be taking personal leadership of the carbon literacy training, somewhat, well, confusing. I know understand better why she declined to set any targets for dates by which all councillors would have undertaken training.

Therefore I am requesting:

1. A list of all councillors whose status of carbon literacy status has changed between 31 January and 23 February 2017 and HOW it has changed. (completed, face to face only, online only, neither). (Please do not bother telling me training is in progress’ since I do not understand what that means.

There has been no change in status during this period. The next scheduled face-to-face training session for members is the 28th March 2017 as per our recent response to PEO/AJ4MCU.

2. All members of the Senior Management Team (or Strategic Management Team, whatever it’s called these days) and THEIR carbon literacy status changes between 31 January and 23 February 2017

There has been no change in status during this period.

3. the dates of all carbon literacy training sessions for councillors that have taken place between 31 January and 23 February 2017 , including the names of the attendees at each session

No training sessions have taken place during this period. The next scheduled face-to-face training session for members is the 28th March 2017 as per our recent response to PEO/AJ4MCU.

4. the dates of carbon literacy training between 31 January and 23 February 2017 that was scheduled but then cancelled, the reasons sessions were cancelled and the amount of notice given to those people who had expressed an interest in attending.

No training sessions have taken been scheduled or cancelled during this period.

5. the cost – in staff hours and (therefore) monetary terms incurred in answering this FoIA.

30 minutes of staff time.


A FOIA for the period 24 February to 28 March has been submitted. Watch this space.

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Campaigners seeking clean air commitment from Greater #Manchester Mayoral candidates

The Breathe Clean Air Group has asked candidates in the forthcoming election for Mayor of Greater Manchester to pledge themselves to do what they can to achieve clean air in the region.

The pledge, in the form of a Manifesto for Clean Air in Greater Manchester, includes a list of commitments which the candidates should sign, and adopt as part of their electoral campaign and future mayoral policy on air quality.

The manifesto also includes two case studies at Davyhulme in Trafford and Mossley in Tameside as well as seven pages of references highlighting the dangers to human health of air pollution.

The campaign group has not just reiterated the commonly held belief that the source of all air pollution is from motor vehicle exhausts. They have highlighted the more dangerous emissions from incineration, power generation, industrial processes, wood processing and domestic and commercial wood-burning appliances.

The eight point declaration includes:

  1. a) more in-depth scrutiny and refusal by Local Planning Authorities for planning applications that have air-polluting processes, especially near residential areas;
  2. b) better and independent measuring and monitoring of air-polluting processes;
  3. c) challenging the Environment Agency to identify dirty processes and encouraging the EA to refuse to issue Environmental Permits when necessary;
  4. d) challenging the Government’s policy that allows air polluting processes to flourish;
  5. e) declaring that Greater Manchester becomes a biomass-Free Zone;
  6. f) launching a campaign to ban/discourage domestic wood-burning stoves;
  7. g) doing everything possible to stop the Barton Renewable Energy Plant;
  8. h) doing everything possible to stop wood dust pollution endangering neighbours.

Chairman of the Breathe Clean Air Group, Peter Kilvert said “the air we breathe in Greater Manchester is no longer clean and is getting worse. It’s time to reverse the trend in order to protect the health of our residents, especially the children.”


The above is a cut and paste of a press release –


From: The BREATHE CLEAN AIR GROUP (BCAG), Greater Manchester.


Contact: Peter Kilvert, 0161 748 3123,  petekilvert@virginmedia.com

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Upcoming Event: “No Shortcuts” book launch Sun 9 April #Manchester

from here

noshortcuts launch

DescriptionHow do we rebuild power for the many, when all the odds appear stacked against us?

This is the question That US union organiser Jane McAlevey has grappled with in her new book “No Shortcuts”

Join us for the Book launch and get involved in discussing Jane’s ideas, as well as taking things forward in Manchester.

“For those of us grappling with the near-overwhelming difficulties of the ‘how-to’ of changing our workplaces, communities, and society, No Shortcuts is an invaluable resource.”


It will be fascinating, anthropologically speaking, to see if this event is standard newspaper-selling, sage on the stage and a Q&A that is structured so that it is dominated by the self-proclaimed ‘alpha’ males and females.  Or will the organisers be both willing and also able to walk the talk?

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Self-care advice for activists

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Upcoming Event: Lobbying Skills share 27th March #Manchester

On Monday 27th March, Fossil Free Greater Manchester will host a special skill-share and training on how to have successful lobbying meetings.

This session will be particularly useful for people working on divestment campaigns who wish to meet with councillors, MPs or other public officials, but will also be helpful for any other campaigns you’re involved with.

Everybody attending will have an opportunity to participate as we will be working in small groups: no powerpoint or long lectures. By the end we should each have made a practical action plan for carrying out our next lobbying meeting.

The skill-share will take place at the Friends Meeting House on Mount Street (behind Central Library) from 7pm on Monday 27th March. Please email us at fossilfreegm@gmail.com if you’d like to join us.

The Fossil Free Greater Manchester team


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Former Environment Exec Kate Chappell steps down from Council

Kate Chappell, who was Executive Member for the Environment from late 2013 to mid-2016, is stepping down from Manchester City Council.

Readers may recall that in early 2014, in response to a series of practical suggestions by environmental activists,  Councillor Chappell committed to creating a blog on which she would be able to communicate all the wonderful things that the Council was doing about climate change and other environmental matters.


They may also recall that Councillor Chappell, without explanation or apology, chose not to actually kept that promise.   She did not enact the alternatives that were suggested to her by the council’s officers for non-Council website to which the Council would link.

The Council was asked to reveal the legal correspondence via FoIA, and did not keep to its legal commitment to do so in 20 working days.  The finally released correspondence that the Council officers argued that a blog would be ‘too political’.

We could go on and on about the record of escalating failure on climate change during the period 2013 to 2016 (a failure that has escalated further since, of course).  But simply can’t be bothered.  People will have to answer to their children about what they did and didn’t do when it mattered.

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