Upcoming retrofit courses in #Manchester

Carbon Coop courses coming up:
carboncoopimage.jpgRetrofit Advocacy Course – 22nd Oct + 5th Nov 2016
This participatory course is aimed at enabling householders, volunteers and professionals to confidently discuss energy efficiency and inspire others to find out more about retrofit, ie when on a stall at an open home event, in a meeting or workshop or with friends and family. Carbon Literacy accredited.

Find out more here: http://carbon.coop/news/2016-09-16/retrofit-advocacy-two-part-seminar

DIY Retrofit for Homeowners – 12th, 13th + 19th Nov 2016

For DIY enthusiasts, self builders and practitioners, this course tackles the key areas of fabric upgrades applicable to most homes. Includes airtightness works and insulation covering basic measures such as draft-proofing, moving on to more complex subjects including floor and wall insulation.

Find out more: http://carbon.coop/news/2016-09-11/diy-retrofit-homeowners

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Upcoming event: “Climate Change is an emergency; what do we know about best ways of communicating and influencing decision-making?” Oct 20th

Steady State Manchester are having an event. Details below.  It’s intriguing that the premise is that we’ve had “successes” and can “make even more of a difference.”  All the evidence suggests that here in Manchester we have not.  Emissions “reductions” are in line with what every other similar city has done and due to national grid factors, basically.  Few councillors have bothered to do their own ‘carbon literacy’ training and activists sat by as elections that were supposed to be held to a stakeholder/watchdog group were… never held.   But, we need to believe we matter. These are the stories we tell ourselves… Meanwhile, the carbon accumulates


As temperatures reach unprecedented levels, there is a renewed urgency to ensure action is taken on climate change. Knowing this may engage some people and encourage others to run a mile.

Campaigners, academics, museum curators and others are tirelessly communicating about climate change with everyone possible in a range of ways.  What have we learned from our successes and is there more we can do to effectively engage that will make even more of a difference? Steady State Manchester has a holistic view; climate change cannot be addressed without changing the economic model.  How can such complex ideas be most effectively shared?

This cafe conversation aims to bring together a diverse range of people involved in communicating about climate change with all sorts of people to reflect on where we are now and what we can learn.

At Cross Street Chapel Cross Street Manchester M2 1NL on Thursday 20th October 6.30- 8.30pm

Our last event was full in 10 days, 60 people had registered! – Book now

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Low Carbon #Manchester Bike Tour – Sat 17th September

From here:

Join us on a tour of some of Manchester’s innovative projects to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. From green walls and green tariffs to community energy and grey water use we’ll shed new light on some familiar locations as we cycle the city. The route is around 10 miles on roads and cycle paths and we’ll cycle at a leisurely pace.  Meet at 10am outside Manchester Bike Hire (41 Whitworth Street West, M1 5BD); finish 1pm Stephenson Square, M1. Bring a lock for your bike and money for a coffee stop at the end. Organised by Love your Bike and Manchester Bike Tours.  Led by Pete Abel and Ursula Harries.

Bring your own bike or hire one for the morning.  Please book in advance with Manchester Bike Hire if you want to hire a bike for this event  – please note bike hire not included as part of Eventbrite ticket.

Any questions contact Ursula on 07828 466999 or Pete on 07951 642858

When Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (BST) – Add to Calendar Where Manchester Bike Hire – 41 Whitworth Street West #1A, Manchester, M1 5BD – View Map

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Black Lives Matter shuts down London City Airport not #Manchester, obvs.

Protestors have closed a runway at London City Airport, for climate (and racism) reasons.Here’s a video explaining the reasoning.

Yep. Climate crisis is a racist crisis. We have known this since the the climate issue burst onto the global scene in 1988 (well, earlier). And rather than address global (and local) inequalities we have dicked around with fantasies of CCS, emissions trading and ‘carbon literacy’. We have sat in rooms while bullshitters (mostly but not entirely old rich white men) said and spread their bullshit.

Meanwhile the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have risen, the waters have risen, the temperatures have risen and the death of billions has been ‘locked in’. And yet we (climate activists) constantly think of ourselves as the ‘good guys’ who ‘mean well’.


[And yes, I fly, if there are no other options.]

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Epic #climate twitter slap down (not #Manchester )

Sometimes you can say a lot in 140 characters…


twitter on climate

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#Manchester City Council’s absorptive capacity – less than zero?

Manchester City Council’s officers and members have shown stunning incompetence since 2009 (well, earlier) on climate change. They have been relentlessly incapable of keeping their own promises, let alone taking on good ideas from outside of the walls of Castle Grayskull. It’s a pattern that repeats in other fields too, I’m told. There’s just a very very sick culture at play, driven by targets (often missed) and a desire not to let those higher-up know that things are going wrong. The austerity cuts probably also led to ‘evaporative cooling’, with competent staff leaving or taking early retirement, since the selection process for who would stay was not based on merit but on toadying ability.

This quote below, which is not about Manchester City Council, might as well be.

Organizational culture has an important influence on an organization’s innovativeness; it is of specific importance whether tradition or continuous change is a value in the organization (Kanter,1985). People try to adjust to a certain culture and if changes are desired, the individuals will be much more motivated to search information about possible changes and improvements.However,strong cultures tend to be xenophobic and reluctant to everything that is different, hinder the process of change and foster inbreeding (Kotter,1996). These kinds of cultures are unfavourable to innovation,especially if the ideas for innovation come from outside the organization,which is known as a Not Invented Here(NIH) syndrome (Fagerberg,2004).
Since organizational culture also influences the employees’ perception of the external environment (Oden, 1997), consequently, they are also reluctant to assimilate and use external information because they are incapable of recognizing their value, even though they might be aware of them. Therefore, these kinds of cultures leave little room for the absorption of the external sources of knowledge,especially if they contradict the existing beliefs (Van DenBoschetal.,1999).

Murovec, N. and Prodan, I. 2009. Absorptive capacity,its determinants,and influence on innovation output: Cross-cultural validation of the structural model. Technovation, Vol. 29, pp.859–872.  page 862

What is to be done?
Well, social movement organisations could have a look at their OWN absorptive capacity, couldn’t they?

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Upcoming anti-fracking training: #Manchester 24 Sept

There have been some defining moments in the UK anti-fracking movement this year and big fights against fracking are on the horizon. What better time for an event to provide space for groups to meet, share skills and collaborate with each other?

Join us in Manchester on September 24th for a free national meet up of anti-fracking groups and activists – a day of workshops, inspirational speakers and updates from the fracking struggle across the country.

Strong local communities have kept the UK free of fracking for five years and we want to make sure it stays that way. As more and more communities start to mobilise around the country, we want everyone to benefit from what we as a movement have learned so far.

Join skill shares on topics such as:

· How to respond to planning applications

· The media and fighting fracking

· Local campaign strategy

· Getting your councillors to oppose fracking

· Know your rights

More trainings sessions are being put together that will help build knowledge and sharing success stories, alongside other useful training sessions, to skill up fracktivists around the country.

This is a chance to share the skills you and your community have to stop fracking as well as learn new ones from others who have been fighting the industry for a number of years.

Register for your free ticket and find out how to take action together in our communities, and link up with others across the country who are on the frontline facing the threat of fracking.

Co-hosted by Friends of the Earth and Frack Free Greater Manchester!

Book your ticket here: https://uniteagainstfracking.eventbrite.co.uk/

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