Upcoming: “Heroes for #Climate – Children Strike” #Manchester Fri 15 February

On Friday 15th February, the following fun meet up will take place in Manchester.  Details from here.  (Manchester Climate Monthly is not an organiser of this, so if you’ve questions, ask the organisers!).


12 noon to 1pm, St Peter’s Square, Central Manchester

It’s their future. We need urgent action now on climate change and the related issues that threaten that. Make your voice heard by joining Rising Up! Manchester Families and others by coming with your child to join this action.

This will be a fun social meet up, we’ll make sure you meet other parents and children who are taking part, we’ll have face painting (diy stylee), mask making (if dry), chalk drawing, playground games and other activities.

The event is super hero themed. If your child has any kind of super hero fancy dress they like please come in that. Parents welcome to dress up too 🙂

Please share widely.

Feel free to contact Rose Arnold or Jess Mock with any questions x

The school strike movement started with Greta Thunberg, who has since become the face of a movement of children and young people demanding action. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/dec/04/leaders-like-children-school-strike-founder-greta-thunberg-tells-un-climate-summit

(Image from Unsplash – photographer Patrick Fore)

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A plethora of upcoming #Manchester #climate meetings/events

In chronological order

Monday 21st January, at 5.30pm  Extinction Rebellion meeting at the Sandbar, Grosvenor St
Tuesday 22nd you have a choice of

a) Frack Free Greater Manchester AGM

Join us to find out the latest news on the anti-fracking campaign and how you can help stop fracking in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and across the UK. All welcome!

When: 7.15pm – 9pm, Tuesday 22nd January
Where: Patagonia store, 51 King Street, Manchester M2 7AZ
More info: Email info@frackfreegtrmanchester.org.uk

b) Green Drinks from 6pm at the Briton’s Protection


Wednesday 23

Upcoming event: “What will it take to keep global warming within safe limits?” #Manchester 23 January

Thursday 24

Upcoming event: The role of arts and culture in bringing #climate change to the ‘here and now’ #Manchester Thurs 24 Jan

Wednesday 30 you have a choice of either a Plastic Ocean or a “Climate Action Network” social.

plastic ocean


Greater Manchester Climate Action Networking Social, Patagonia

While there are lots of organisations in Greater Manchester taking a stand on climate change, they all are making an impact in different ways.

At this event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded people concerned about climate change and get to speak with individuals that represent a diverse range of local climate change campaign groups.

The evening will be a fun, sociable gathering welcome to all that are interested in climate change. Come and enjoy free food and drinks while getting to know fellow Mancunians that want to make a difference.

Please register in advance via the Eventbrite link below.

When: 7pm – 8.30pm, Wednesday 30th January
Where: Patagonia store, 51 King Street, Manchester M2 7AZ
Booking: Book via Eventbrite

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Prof Kevin Anderson on the latest UNFCCC meeting #Manchester #climate

Professor Kevin Anderson, who splits his time between University of Manchester and Lund University in Sweden, has long been a clear voice on the urgency of emissions reductions, and the ever-gloomier consequences of inaction (for video interviews with Manchester Climate Monthly see here and here, among others).

His latest blog post –

Capricious foes, Big Sister & high-carbon plutocrats: irreverent musings from Katowice’s COP24 … the time for action is not at COP25, but now and during the intervening months

makes for sobering reading.  You can read it here.

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Upcoming event: “What will it take to keep global warming within safe limits?” #Manchester 23 January

Registration (necessary) via this site.



Global warming is a serious threat to all of us and even more to those who are younger. To stay within minimally safe limits (1.5 or 2 degrees C) there is only a certain amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that can be emitted. This is known as a carbon budget. For Greater Manchester it is 113 Megatonnes of CO2 equivalent (for 2 degrees). For the city of Manchester it is 15 Megatonnes. At current rates of emissions, Manchester would use up its share in between 4 and 10 years.

We’ll be looking at a recent article in Nature Climate Change that explores the possible pathways to net zero emissions. While most of the scenarios from the International Committee on Climate Change (IPCC) suggest overshooting the budget and then sucking CO2 back out of the atmosphere (using technology that has yet to be demonstrated at sufficient scale), this article suggests that “alternatives including lifestyle changes, agricultural intensification and lab-grown meat, as well as an even more rapid adoption of renewables and energy efficiency. Some of these have tended to be excluded from the conversation, because they are hard for scientists to model.”

Booking is necessary: on signing up we’ll send you links to the reading for the discussion which include the scientific article and a more accessible summary. We also ask that if, having booked, you find that you can’t come, or maybe this isn’t for you, then you let us know so you don’t hog one of the limited places.


Wed, January 23, 2019
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM GMT
Manchester Metropolitan University
Sandra Burslem Building, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, Room G 0.7
Lower Ormond Street
M15 6BH

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Upcoming event: The role of arts and culture in bringing #climate change to the ‘here and now’ #Manchester Thurs 24 Jan

2019 role of arts tyndall

The role of arts and culture in bringing climate change to the ‘here and now’

Dr Sarah Mander, Tyndall Centre, University of Manchester

Thursday 24th January (room C21, Pariser Building, Sackville Street) at 1.00pm.

Climate change is widely acknowledged as a pressing and complex societal challenge, requiring solutions that are as much social, economic and political as they are technical. For many people, climate change is intangible and abstract, the causes are complex, and its impacts occur elsewhere or far in the past or future. For people, the complexity of climate change can make it too large of a topic to engage with, or too difficult to see its relevance to their local community, yet much needed action on climate change will not happen without this psychological distance being overcome.

In this presentation, I reflect on the role that initiatives rooted in arts and culture can have as a means to bring climate change to the ‘here and now’, thereby helping to make the various aspects of climate change understandable and relatable and perhaps tangible. Drawing on examples of innovative cross-disciplinary approaches to climate change engagement undertaken in the UK, I explore how values, senses and emotions can enable communicators of environmental change to tell new stories and inspire action.


Speaker bio

Sarah Mander is a Senior Research Fellow at the Tyndall Centre for Climate, University of Manchester. Her work is interdisciplinary, focusing on integrating stakeholder and public perspectives with technical and modelling assessments in relation to carbon budgets and mitigation pathways, and low carbon energy technology. Committed to public engagement across all aspects of her research, Sarah explores innovative approaches to engagement which provide opportunities to reach diverse audiences in new ways.

The seminar will take place in room C21, in the Pariser Building on Sackville Street– number 12 on the map here http://www.manchester.ac.uk/discover/maps/interactive-map/?id=9

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Hope, false hope, stupid hope and #climatechange: From Paris to Extinction (Rebellion)

Here’s the tl:dr – The Paris Agreement and Extinction Rebellion are two sides (or symptoms) of the same coin, i.e. the suspension of critical faculties by people who know better but are in desperate search of reasons to be hopeful about our grim meathook future….

Back in 2015 I wrote a piece about the Paris Agreement called Why the hype over Paris and #COP21? Politics, Psychology and Money.  I predicted that within two or three years the whole thing would begin to run into the sand. It was not the most risky oracling that I ever did.

I said that there were three reasons people who ought to have known better were hyping the wretched thing….


The rest of this is available on my other site.

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For #climate concerned parents/carers in #Manchester – meeting this Saturday, 12th January…



For parents/carers who would like family friendly ways to take action – meetings that you can bring your children to at times that work, a range of actions which are specifically designed for children and young people, to meet other parents who take their children to protests.

We’ve got one proposal for action in with Shell Out, we’ve got two more actions in the process of planning.
This Saturday (12th) we’re meeting for a very informal meet, introduce kids to each other, chat about ideas, how we might want to be involved, whatever. 2pm at Chorlton Water Park. Meet by the duck platform. Everyone welcome, invite friends, come alone, with the kids… whatever.

For more on the group – see here


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