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#Manchester Friends of the Earth – help make cycling safer, better

Manchester City Council is consulting on changes to the Oxford Road cycling corridor scheme.  Manchester Friends of the Earth wants people to write to the Council about some backward changes in ambition. You have until 12th July to respond. Here’s … Continue reading

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#Manchester Health Scrutiny Committee will NOT look at #climate

Climate change is going to have enormous impacts on the health of the people of Manchester.  Whether it is flooding, heat waves, or just good old psychological factors (fear, depression etc). In 2014, Sheffield City Council’s Health committee produced a … Continue reading

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#Manchester City Council breaks monthly eco-dashboard promise

Manchester City Council will NOT produce monthly eco-dashboards, despite a two year-old commitment.  This is just the latest in a very long list of broken promises by the Council, which once upon a time said it would be the “Greenest … Continue reading

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#Manchester, #Brexit and #climate change – what is to be done about this total hash?

Nobody knows what is going to happen.  Will “Article 50” even get invoked?  Will there be a second referendum, and if there were, would it actually go differently?  Will the Tories split? Will Labour?  Will Scotland leave?  So what comes … Continue reading

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How do we honour Jo Cox in Manchester?

Last Friday, in Chorlton, Jeff Smith MP, gave a short and from-the-heart speech about the assassinated MP, Jo Cox. About 40 people were present (a presumably much bigger gathering was held in Piccadilly Gardens an hour later). The event was … Continue reading

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If MCFly could vote, she’d vote “Remain”

However, the tartan-wearing insect is only a fly, so she can’t.  I (MCfly editor, Marc Hudson) can vote, and I voted Remain already Why?  Not because I love the neo-liberal EU.  A lot of what the Brexiters say of it is … Continue reading

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City of Trees – 1/6th of target = “success”

Last year, the “City of Trees” project was launched with the bold aim of planting 3 million trees in Greater Manchester over the next 20 years. At the launch of the project last November, the Manchester Evening News reported that … Continue reading

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