Our mission(s)

Manchester Climate Monthly will supply accurate, accessible information about what is – and isn’t – being done by the people, government and businesses of Greater Manchester to tackle climate change. By tackling climate change we mean a) reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and b) preparing to be ready as we can be for the severe challenges ahead.

McMonthly is non-partisan, and will ask all the awkward questions it can think of to politicians, bureaucrats, businesses and campaigners, without fear or favour.

McMonthly staff will try to share what skills they have with people who share the same goal of an equitable and climate safe Greater Manchester.

And these are our principles, and if you don’t like them… we have others…

Oh, and here’s a cool description of quality journalism..

CRIKEY: What is your definition of quality journalism?

Laura Tingle: A quality journalist is one whose work you search out, or make sure you read when you see their byline. My husband Alan Ramsey has always raged at his colleagues that they should write for their readers, not for their competitors or their contacts. The more you think about it, this is a good basis for the definition of quality journalism.

In our current media framework, readers have so many choices of what they can read or watch. They will stick with you if they think they can rely on you to tell them something they didn’t know, make them think about an issue a different way, or in the case of political journalism, give an insight into how the human game of politics interacts with the process of making public policy. They might not always agree with you and might not like what you tell them.

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