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Council gives HOME £1.3m per year – demands NO low carbon culture action.

Exclusive!  Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, Manchester Climate Monthly can now revealed details of all requests from the City Council to the arts organisation HOME asking it to do more to create a “low carbon culture.”  Brace … Continue reading

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What next for #climate action? An interview/debate about Glasgow and beyond

This email interview below, conducted with Elidh Robb, a climate activist currently based in Brussels, takes a slightly different format from the usual ones. Elidh was sent the questions as a batch, and replied. I (Marc Hudson, editor of MCFly) … Continue reading

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After the election: Consequences and implications for #Manchester #climate policy

What can we know, what is to be done? Another hot-take, but specifically on Manchester climate action. With the usual disclaimers (1), there are a few things we can confidently say about the large Conservative/”Brexit” win (for what the Conservative … Continue reading

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Shock news!! #Manchester City Council upholds complaint against member, officer, on filming.

Manchester City Council has upheld a complaint about the behaviour of the Chair of Planning and Highways Committee and a senior officer.  At the October 2019 meeting of the Planning Committee, its chair, Councillor Basil Curley (Labour, Charleston)  and a … Continue reading

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Manchester City Council and #climate – flying staff to Edinburgh and Exeter after declaring “climate emergency” @XR_MCR

Extinction Rebellion Manchester are doing a protest about air quality on Great Ancoats St. The City Council has released the usual nonsense about how concerned they are about climate change and how a climate subgroup has been set up (after … Continue reading

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5 questions to #Manchester #climate groups – Kindling Trust is first up… @kindlingtrust

Manchester Climate Monthly is asking various groups the same questions- 1. When was your group founded? What does it do/how does it do it? 2. What have been the group’s major successes and failures over the last year or so? … Continue reading

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Communication breakdown on the #climate emergency? Seems like…

In a little over a month’s time, Climate Emergency Manchester (1) will be releasing a report about what action the City Council has taken in the by-then six months since declaring a climate emergency. One focus will be on how … Continue reading

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Er, if you want better consultations, perhaps consult the consultees? #Manchester

Manchester City Council has set up a new group of officers to look at improving consultations. So far, they have …  no plans to ask citizens on the receiving end of consultations what they think. That’s the way things are … Continue reading

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Oops – Manchester Climate Monthly gets it wrong – apology to Council, published in Evening News

Manchester Climate Monthly has published many a shocking scandal – based on replies to Freedom of Information Act requests.  The way it works (normally) is this. a) Council makes a claim/promise b) MCFly sighs/rolls eyes, and submits a Freedom of … Continue reading

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