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Manchester Labour’s latest assault on democracy

Manchester Labour Party has again attacked democracy. The latest assault came at Full Council, as they hid behind an “independent” (1) panel that suggested it cut funding for the opposition members. The reporting on this, by both Manchester Evening News … Continue reading

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Grifters and lifters – or “yes, we’re doomed: what do you propose We. Do. Differently?”

Spending too much (i.e. any) time on Twitter. Am getting exceptionally and excitingly bored of natural scientists telling us how doomed we all because of how evil oil companies are, or how unaware the mass of the public are without … Continue reading

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Manchester City Council versus beauty, clean air, clean minds and, well, everything

They are killing us with pollution. They are killing us by allowing the car to run rampant. They are flogging our pavements and our eyeballs and our attention. They spout nonsense about clean and green and how they are “carbon … Continue reading

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Greens now have TWO councillors in #Manchester – what next? What ELSE needs doing?

First up – congratulations to the new Green Party councillor in Woodhouse Park, Astrid Johnson. You can read more about her and the election result on the Greens website. Second up – congratulations to the team around her. The sheer … Continue reading

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