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Event Report: “Transformational Economics” fringe event at Labour Party Conference

Attention Conservation Notice: detailed account of “Transformational Economics” fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference. Random observations, blow-by-blow account and some observations for how it it could have gone better. In the ornate (1) “Directors’ Lounge” at the Palace Hotel, … Continue reading

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Event Report: “Going for Growth – stimulating sustainable local regeneration” #gfg12

In a day full of words and assertions, the single most important question was not asked until fifteen minutes after the scheduled end-time. Half the delegates had already left. They missed nothing, however, because neither of the panelists, nor indeed … Continue reading

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A tale of two ironies – a “forum” about #Manchester and its sustainability

Attention Conservation Notice: First the two ironies, then some barely-controlled vitriol, about the cities@manchester event held tonight. Of interest primarily to people who were there, or who like to watch bridges burn to their foundations and then watch the foundations … Continue reading

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Event Report: Citycamp Manchester

MCFly asked Ruth Rosselson to explain a recent event called “Citycamp Manchester.” Citycamp Manchester took place on 14th and 15th October at the Friends Meeting House. With the very broad theme of “making Manchester a more sustainable and resilient city”, … Continue reading

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