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In essence: “No, because that would discriminate against the Labour councillors who are drooling morons.”

With my Manchester Climate Monthly hat on: The group I am part of, Climate Emergency Manchester, did its best during the election campaign to get candidates to say yes or no to three simple climate pledges Most Labour candidates studiously … Continue reading

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It’s official – elections where only the “ayes” get to speak are just fine! #Manchester

Yesterday the Leader of Manchester City Council, who has been there since 1996, was re-elected again. What made the whole thing hilarious was that the presiding official, the Lord Mayor, forgot to ask how many people were opposed. I wrote … Continue reading

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Sometimes they forget to even pretend, aka more gruesome contempt for democratic norms and conventions in Manchester

He didn’t even pretend to try to defend the indefensible. Maybe he forgot to. Maybe he can’t. Maybe he is just beyond caring. Who knows? But those of us forced to watch it (95 councillors and a grand total of … Continue reading

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Hough End playing fields, #Manchester and Olympian levels of spin

If you think the Hough End “sports village” is about South Manchester softball teams having somewhere to play, well then, I have a bridge in Sydney to sell you. This is about Manchester’s (inter)national sporting profile. Once you understand that, … Continue reading

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What next for #climate action in #Manchester – never mind the ballots? #instapunditry #unsolicitedadvice #institutionalwork

TL:DR – it comes down to citizen action. It was always going to come down to citizen action, it will always come down to citizen action. Party politics is a) the shadow cast on society by big business (Dewey) and … Continue reading

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‘Historic moment’ as Green Party win first seat on Manchester City council since 2008

Fun fact – the editor of this website was in Manchester Town Hall for the election count in May 2008 wen the Greens lost their Hulme seat by 50 votes (or may have heard gripping accounts and conflated them. A … Continue reading

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