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“What is to be done?” An oracle speaks #Manchester #climate #movementbuilding

First off; why on earth read this?  What credentials do I have to mouth off about successful movement-building?  There was a moment 6 years ago (Call to Real Action), but you can’t dine out on that stuff forever, you know. … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: Skillshare in #Manchester, October 17th

from here Skill Up! Stand Up! OCT17 A day of free training for activists Saturday 17 October, 10am-6pm MERCi, Manchester M4 7HR We’ve teamed up with War on Want and other partners in the Economic Justice Project to organise a … Continue reading

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Social Movements: What are ’emotathons’? #Manchester #movement-building

Emotathons are the Events (marches, camps etc) at which we emote for hours/days.  Don’t get me wrong – emotions are legitimate and vital in every sense. It’s just that by staging virtually nothing but emotathons we use up limited resources … Continue reading

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Discuss: What difficulties do groups tackling #climate change face? #Manchester #socialmovements

We want to hear from you!  We want your answers to the following question – What are the particular difficulties groups trying to tackle “climate change” face? Is it the fact that climate change is perceived as a “distant” issue … Continue reading

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PMT #13: How do we attract “burnt out” people back? #Manchester #climate #movement-building

Help!  Send in your thoughts about “How do we attract back people who were involved but have become burnt out,/ disenchanted/engaged in other things. Please use the comments box below, or email us at mcmonthly@gmail.com Your answers will be collated … Continue reading

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Event Report: “Green Economy, Green Jobs” March 15th #Manchester #climate #makingenemiesforfunandprofit

Attention Conservation Notice: Two speakers take up LOTS of time and space in order to say, well, not very much at all. And this is how we are going to build a movement to challenge our species’ suicidal impulses?? Please … Continue reading

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PMT #12: Hold the Date- Sat April 27th, 1pm to 5pm

Get yer diary/googlecalendar/scrap of paper out. And put a big line through the afternoon of Saturday 27th April 2013. From 1pm (plus travel time to the city centre) to 5pm you are going to be busy. Already busy because of … Continue reading

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