It’s a bit artificial, but you could divide “People’s Environmental Scrutiny Committee” projects into products and events.



Reports on issues (total carbon footprints, disaster preparedness, the Clean City Fund, etc.)

Monthly meetings, (which will always include an element of skill-sharing – see the list here)

Reports (monthly) “things you should know about Manchester and the City Council”

Organised, strategic attendance at various council meetings (usually, but not exclusively, scrutiny committees)

Videos – interviews with people, about reports, about meetings, footage of council meetings etc

Skill-share (big – PESC books venue, invites people to attend. Perhaps joint with another organisation)

Letters to newspapers (written by anyone who wants to try their hand!)

Skill-share (small- a few people who want a skill being put in touch with someone who HAS those skills)

Press releases

Blog posts

Regularly updated jobs list

The skills database (of who is good at what – obviously there are data protection issues!)


A board game called “the Siege of Castle Grayskull”


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