You can just click “subscribe” and then enter your email address. It’s that easy, but then we won’t know
a) what sorts of ways you might be willing to help MCFly or
b) what sorts of skillshare events you’d like us to organise…

Or you can Do Your Civic Duty, and also strike a blow for a safe climate (cough cough) by filling in the questionnaire. It will take just a minute, we promise…


2 Responses to Subscribe

  1. John Reeves says:

    Dear Mr Zero,
    I am commissioned by Mike Koefman to produce a Play for activists like yourselves to unite under. It is called “Nature Knows Best” and will be initially aimed only at The Royal Exchange before being sent to target theatres in London. Mike has a full preparation already, and the Play will be finished late Sept or so. I also write and perform (topical and environmental message material) using the pseudonym “Potting Shed Pete”. If you let me know the where and when, I`ll come to your next meeting.
    John Reeves

  2. David Ellison says:

    Marc. Thanks for the invite to write an article . I am happy to follow up with further articles . I an a city councillor and when not in council meetings my day job is an Architect and of course part of the job is developing low carbon solutions with low energy use . All the best David ellison

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