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Another year for #Manchester – Carbon Coop 2013 and 2014

Carbon Coop‘s Jonathan Atkinson answers MCFly questions… What was your biggest achievement in 2013? Keeping on track to deliver our package of 13 whole house retrofits via a community-owned and run co-operative. If you could go back to the beginning … Continue reading

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#Manchester Exec Member for the Environment on #climate and the “so what, it’s just polar bears…” question

Councillor Kate Chappell is Manchester City Council’s new Executive Member for the Environment.  At the end of an interview on 18th December, I asked her “Probably we should wrap up and I’ll save all the awkward questions for the next … Continue reading

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Holding out for a hero – science, silence, #climate and communication #Manchester

The tl:dr? MCFly editor Marc Hudson blunders further into the debate about what (climate) scientists “should” and “shouldn’t” be saying. They should be doing more, not less. But activists can’t keep expecting scientists to do all the heavy lifting! What … Continue reading

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Letters in the #Manchester Evening News about #fracking etc

There was a corking letter earlier this week. It was by a chap who had done his PhD on storage of energy from renewables, and he dealt with the argument that pro-fossil fuel sorts deliver- “we can’t trust wind/solar power … Continue reading

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“Labour’s energy policy own goal will cost us all in the long-term”

Cross-post, in every sense, written by MCFly reader Jonathan Atkinson Labour’s energy policy own goal will cost us all in the long term « Previous / Next » By admin / December 23, 2013 / blog, lowwintersun / No Comments … Continue reading

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Sunday Telegraph in crap journalism shocker!! Smears anti-frackers as “outsiders”

It’s doubtful many Manchester Climate Monthly readers bother with the increasingly down-market “Daily Torygraph.” And it’s even more doubtful that many of those would be taken in by the sort of “foreign outsiders making trouble by trying to stop entirely … Continue reading

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Professor Kevin Anderson on science, silence and ‘neutrality’ #Manchester #climate

Following on from his comments on shale gas and civil disobedience, Professor Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre has given a robust defence of scientists’ involvement in policy debates. Speaking to Manchester Climate Monthly on 17th December, the climate expert … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: Australia’s hottest year

From here Doomed, I tell you. All doomed…

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Interview: Dr Simon Cook, Glaciologist, Lecturer at #Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Simon Cook Glaciologist, Lecturer in Physical Geography School of Science and the Environment, Manchester Metropolitan University What you do I’m a Lecturer in Physical Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). There are three parts to my job. First – … Continue reading

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Event Report: “Radical Emissions Reductions Conference” #Tyndall #climate

MCFly writer Vicky Ramsden reports on the recent Radical Emissions Reductions Conference. For other accounts, see here and here. A radical conference to reduce carbon emissions Now let me make one thing clear.  This was not a conference that was … Continue reading

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