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Interview with the People & Planet occupiers! #Manchester #divestment

Earlier this week students at University of Manchester ended a week-long occupation of the Vice-Chancellor’s building. Their action had forced the University to bring forward a review of its investment in a number of fossil fuel companies. That’s a potential … Continue reading

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Manchester City Council’s Weds 27 November meeting & #climate change: 4 scenes from a circus, 6 footnotes

An excruciatingly long meeting of Full Council (1) happened yesterday. Marc Hudson, editor of Manchester Climate Monthly, sat through it so you don’t have to. Climate change came up repeatedly, and there are four (2) key points to be briefly … Continue reading

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Not #climate: of Santa Claus, #Manchester City Council and tawdry rake-stepping

Manchester City Council’s full council meetings, which happen about 6 times a year, or so (1) are generally a circus, and a second-rate one (2).  Maybe it was ever thus, but the recent total dominance of the council by the … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Target review for #Manchester WILL take place, albeit late…

In July 2019 Manchester City Council unanimously voted to declare a climate emergency.  The original motion committed the Council to “Continue working with partners across Manchester and GMCA to deliver the 2038 target, and determine if an earlier target can … Continue reading

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Refurbing Manor Farm- #Manchester Council spends £174m to save 631 tonnes of C02 annually

We (1) here at Manchester Climate Monthly towers are not philistines. We do not believe that, as did the planners in 1945, that you should flatten the centres of British cities for the benefit of the almighty motor car. Castle … Continue reading

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RETRACTION: @ManCityCouncil boasts of #climate action- but it was actually Transport for Greater Manchester’s efforts…

MCFly (i.e. editor Marc Hudson) has stuffed up.  Traffic lights and street lights are not the same thing. A FOIA about Salix and STREET lights has been submitted. Have sent this letter to MEN. In my letter (published in today’s … Continue reading

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Climate #Emergency in #Manchester – but NO discussions about using financial reserves. Dosh for CCTV, though…

Manchester City Council has had precisely no discussions about dipping into its financial reserves to deal with the Climate Emergency it declared in July 2019.  A Freedom of Information Act (1)  request made by Manchester Climate Monthly can reveal that … Continue reading

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The Leader’s Blog – the plot… thins? Comments remain non-existent. #Manchester #democracy

In October the chap who has been leader of Manchester City Council for 23 – yes, twenty three – years, wrote a blog post called “How Green is My City.”  Yes, “his” city.  No achingly-revealing Freudian slip there, whatsoever…. It … Continue reading

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Sustainable Consumption Institute Festival – 5th December. Tickets available

A festival of ideas at the University of Manchester’s Sustainable Consumption Institute is set to lay down a marker for sustainability research in the next decade. The event on Thursday 5th December will draw together findings from the Institute’s research … Continue reading

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Congrats @Home_Mcr bosses- poster children for #Manchester #greenwash at its most egregious

Let’s all give a big round of applause and a vote of thanks to the bosses of HOME, Manchester arts cinema etc.  In one easy move they’ve managed to- Shred the (admittedly limited) credibility of the Manchester Culture Awards Shred … Continue reading

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