Action 02 – 400 signatories, 40 implementation plans

funfact400signatories-page001What we working for:
Getting the Council to commit to leading on having the Climate Change Action Plan endorsed by 400 organisations, with 40 implementation plans by end of 2014

Why it matters (what it could lead on to, what consequences if action stalls):

It means we can then –
Build towards a decent number of endorsers and implementation plans in the following years.

Failure means we would –
Give up and go home, and use all those MACF reports as sandbags and birdcage lining. If you aren’t already…

Specific actions you can take in the run up to the Executive Meeting on Weds 12th February:
Besides the general request that you sign the open letter, and circulate to friends and family, asking them to sign, here’s some specifics-

Simple and Quick
Find out if your favourite coffee shop/restaurant/hang-out place is signed up. If they are, they’re on this list…

Simple and Long
Find out who among your friends is up for helping you with this. “Dear x, I care about climate change. And we have to take action locally. I am writing to find out…”

Complex and Quick
Think of ways to convince your favourite place to sign up.

Complex and Long
Actually get them to sign up.
Create a plan about how the Council can do this! They will NOT do it themselves!!

Some of the things we could/should do when the Council says “no, and go away you noxious little oiks” or “hmm, interesting idea, let’s look into it further” or even “yes, we’ll do that.”
We could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you…

What skills are needed/will be learnt
Lobbying the Council
Campaign co-ordination
Database management

What the success milestones might be:

One new endorser every working day until then the end of the year.
Implementation Plans – bwahaha. That would be one a week between now and the end of the year. I detect a certain amount of “cookie cutter”-ness. Presumably some work on a template was done back in 2010. Could this not be dusted off?

A year down the line, when we have “won” on this action, the next goal would be
Get more endorsers, more implementation plans. Rinse, repeat…

Likely objections (and counter-arguments)

“Climate Change? That’s so 2009.” Answer – yes, and it’s going to be so 2015, and 16, and every year following until the species falls off a cliff.

Obstacles in the way (beyond the standard human foibles of apathy, inertia, stupidity, vested interests, “it wasn’t my idea,” “go away you poisonous little oik” etc etc)


1 Response to Action 02 – 400 signatories, 40 implementation plans

  1. darren says:

    Hey how do i find out what the climate change action plan looks like? Will organisations have seen this? what size organisations help with signing up? how do i see what the endorsing process involves? Sorry for so many questions, maybe i missed this information above, just trying to work out how to help and if i can be useful. Thanks

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