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#Manchester Councillors trained in carbon “literacy” since August? Zero.

About five years ago activists (okay, me and a couple of other people) got the Executive Member for the Environment of Manchester City Council to set a target that all 96 councillors would quickly do a day’s worth of “carbon … Continue reading

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Rant: “Deeds not words”? My fat arse… #Manchester #climate farces continue

As I cycled up towards the Central Library I could see the road blocked off because of protesters brandishing placards.  For a quarter of a second I thought “great, at last, the climate revolution is upon us.”  It was, of … Continue reading

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The danger of “Activist Vuvuzela”. Interview on #climate, #ExtinctionRebellion and much else

Calum is a 40 year old husband, father to two boys who lives in Stockport.  He kindly agreed to answer questions put to him by email.  The answers are thoughtful, provocative and useful.  Comments welcome, but nowt ad hominem please! 1. … Continue reading

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Home responds to questions (without really answering) #Manchester #climate

The arts organisation Home has responded to questions put to it, without clarifying if they intend to have a ‘no-fossil fuels’ policy that would be in keeping with their vaunted “Carbon Literacy” status. Having posted this story, MCFly then sent … Continue reading

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Home may be where the heart is. But spine? Not so much… #Manchester #climate

Went to see Sorry to Bother You (highly recommended) at Home last night. There were the usual advertisements.  One, with a green background, proudly said that Home had made sure all its staff had undertaken Carbon Literacy “training”, and that … Continue reading

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#Manchester Council’s extraordinary and humiliating failure of #climate scrutiny

Manchester City Council has refused to answer basic questions about when councillors became aware that quarterly climate reports had been unilaterally abolished. Two weeks after all councillors on the Neighbourhood and Environment Scrutiny Committee (NESC) were sent a short specific … Continue reading

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Letter in MEN: Leadership by glossy brochure, not example. #Manchester #flyingcouncillors

So, I may be off Richard and Angeliki’s Christmas card lists.  #gutted. This* appeared in yesterday’s Manchester Evening News: * I’ve tidied it up so it’s in one column

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