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Something for the Weekend 31 May 2013 #Manchester #Climate

Q: How soon does a Swede know he’s a Swede? A: The day he is Bjorn! And this weekend… Friday 31st Critical Mass bike ride. Starts at Manchester Central Library, 6pm And if you know any jokes of the high standard … Continue reading

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Discuss: What difficulties do groups tackling #climate change face? #Manchester #socialmovements

We want to hear from you!  We want your answers to the following question – What are the particular difficulties groups trying to tackle “climate change” face? Is it the fact that climate change is perceived as a “distant” issue … Continue reading

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Exchange for Change: “skills share” held, lessons learnt

Exactly a month ago Manchester Climate Monthly tried to hold a skill-share. The (15) people who came seemed to enjoy themselves a lot, and made new connections. But overall, the numbers were too low (1) for it to have achieved … Continue reading

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#Manchester #climate nuggets 27th May 2013

Hi all, congrats to the Envirolution crew for organising a fun and relaxed event in Platt Fields yesterday. (and  a special shout out to the meteorological liaison officers who ensures such good weather!) Wanna flex your creative muscles, and maybe … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: Presidential promises since 1988… #tarsands #obama #climate #toast

Elizabeth Kolbert is the author of the awesome “Field Notes from a Catastrophe”.  Her article on Obama’s impending decision on allowing a tar sands pipeline to be built is short and bittersweet and essential reading. Mauna Loa is the observatory … Continue reading

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Monthly Journal Overview May 2013 #Manchester #climate #academia

MoJO May 2013 compiled by Claire Woolley This month, our selected articles look at how we use energy in our home, as well as wider international discussions on energy security, political policy, and the responsibility of producers. A little closer … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: (“analysis” of) Climate Camp #epicfail

Speechless, really. “I acknowledge the significance of post-Hardin literature on the commons whole-heartedly, but place myself in opposition to such literalizing interpretations of CfCA’s anti-authoritarian ecology, discerning in fears about the commons a certain 21st-century Hobbesianism that the mere experience … Continue reading

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Want to grow food in Didsbury or Withington? #manchester #didsburydinners

The award-winning Amanda Woodvine of Didsbury Dinners has some good news… New landshare plots in Didsbury and Withington Looking to grow your own fruit and veg in Didsbury or Withington? Didsbury Dinners has been hard at work to find you … Continue reading

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Interview with Paul Monaghan, (Co-op CSR head for 18 years, now “”) #climate #csr

Paul Monaghan (@PaulJMonaghan and talks past, present and future with MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson. You were at The Co-operative for 18 years. What are you – and what do you think people at The Co-operative should be – proudest … Continue reading

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Video: Professor Kevin Anderson talks to #Manchester Economy Scrutiny Committee #climate #mcc

The Economy Scrutiny Committee of Manchester City Council yesterday heard from Professor Kevin Anderson about climate change and its impacts. His presentation was followed by a vigorous question and answer session. The meeting, which was attended by over 20 members … Continue reading

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