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#Manchester Literature Festival – #climate events, inc George Monbiot Literature and Landscape From nature writing and memoir to psychogeography and climate change, authors and non-fiction writers reflect on our relationship with the earth and the landscapes around us. Simon Armitage Thursday 22nd October, 6.30pm Central Library Granta Presents: … Continue reading

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More pathetic spin from #Manchester City Council about its carbon emissions. #climate

Back in 2013 Manchester City Council tried to spin an increase in its emissions as a decrease. They were laughed at then. They have, of course, learnt nothing, and they’re claiming decreases that are basically illusory and not what was … Continue reading

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Will someone not kill off this undemocratic and worse-than-useless “Stakeholder” “Steering” “Group”? #manchester #climate

What do you call an organisation that promises and then cancels elections to its board? What do you call an organisation that unilaterally cancels day-long community-focused conferences and replaces it with a 90 minute talkfest by three old white men? … Continue reading

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#Manchester Airport misses #climate target, comically inept spin ensues. Write to your councillor #democracy

Back in the heady Big Promise days of 2009/2010, some bright spark came up with the idea that the ground operations of Manchester Airport (lighting, power for the x-ray machines etc but not the actions of the big metal birds … Continue reading

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Upcoming: Oct 27th, “Where should our energy come from?” in #Manchester

As part of Manchester Science Festival Where should our energy come from? Let’s talk about energy. How can it be secure, affordable and sustainable? What’s the long-term outlook and how will it progress? Join the debate surrounding the technologies, strategies … Continue reading

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Upcoming Events: Policy Week stuff on #climate, #Manchester

University of Manchester “Policy Week” events Cut and paste below. It will, I suspect, mostly be chalk and talk/sage-on-the-stage/ego-foddering/preening-and-attacking.  That’s just the way the species has chosen to roll.  Pity, but what are you going to do?   Policy Week … Continue reading

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#Manchester City Council emissions UP by 4.8% in last year

For the umpteenth time, Manchester City Council is making excuses for its poor-to-the-point-of-criminal performance on climate change.  MCFly reporter Ann Onymous reports. (As for involving everyone in the creation of a low carbon culture.  They won’t even define what they … Continue reading

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Video: Brief History of Global Warming #bloomberg #slick, #climate #Manchester

This is just over 3 minutes, and very nicely done. If you have some denialist uncles (and don’t we all),then the fact that is by the business outfit Bloomberg (him what was mayor of New York) may make it harder … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: Film Premiere of “This Changes Everything”, 26th September, #Manchester

Personally, this changes everything changes nothing.  But still. From here ‘This Changes Everything’ – Manchester Premiere Film Screening ‘What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?’ Filmed over 211 shoot … Continue reading

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Upcoming event on low carbon investment opportunities in UK electricity

“Reducing uncertainty and managing risk: How incumbent actors are creating low carbon investment opportunities in the UK electricity sector”. The seminar is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 30 September 2015 in Room 10.05, Harold Hankins Building from 4.00 pm … Continue reading

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