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#Manchester #climate nuggets December 31st 2012

Hi all, next week sees the launch of a new and we-hope-you-think improved Manchester Climate Monthly.  Well, a slight rejig.  Okay, the same old mix of tpyos, calendars, interviews, reviews etc….  And an agony aunt column, a monthly “movement-building” page … Continue reading

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Periodical Review: Peace News Dec 2012/Jan 2013

Every-so-often we at MCFly will review magazines/journals/newspapers that climate/social justice activists may want to keep an eye on which are not, themselves, climate-related. The first of these is of Peace News, a UK-based publication that has been going over 75 … Continue reading

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Video: Staggering animation of Man’s “relationship” with Nature. Think “Wall-E” mashed up by William Burroughs…

Three and a half minutes of awe-inspiringness, from Steve Cutts*. * “Steve is a London based freelance artist, ‘specializing’ in animation, illustration and fine art. After studying fine art at Farnham University, he progressed to the position of in-house illustrator … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: TfGM’s habit of announcing consultations at last minute – can we Budge It?

On Christmas Eve the public were informed (as in, a press release went out) that they can come and be all democraticky and oversighty about Transport for Greater Manchester’s public spending plans. When is this? About ten days time. This, … Continue reading

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MCFly to academics – “On your bike.” No, wait….

Hot on the pedals of yesterday’s academic atrocity comes this unspokesable example of, well, words fail us… The senses act as the interface between self and environment, but in a western context powerful multisensory stimulation is increasingly constructed as marginal, … Continue reading

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Not-news flash: Academics in “laughable jargon” shocker

The polar bear is despairing again, thanks the quote from  here, for an event whose organisers “propose an innovative coming together of activists and academics to build bridges, initiate debate and develop future research agendas….”  Yeah, well, good luck with … Continue reading

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Comment is useful – Guardian readers on south west UK flooding

Newspaper writes story about extreme weather events. Commenter says “it’s to do with climate change”. Someone (in this case someone who is “@SoAnnoyed”) says “natural cycles/normal variation” or some such theoretically plausible tosh. Other commenters pile in with supplementary information, … Continue reading

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Film Review: “Chasing Ice” @CornerhouseMcr in #Manchester – #climate and #weare(damp)toast …

The most important moments in this 80 minute documentary about the top of the world well, melting, come right at the beginning. So far right at the beginning that, if you are on autopilot, or if you are watching it … Continue reading

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Permaculture courses in Burnley in 2013

“Permaculture Design is an inspiring course that explores the concept of turning problems into solutions, improving our lives at the same time as improving the environment and enjoying having fun. Open to anyone who is interested in living and working … Continue reading

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Automated “Eco-Doom” Headline Generator!!

MCFly version of the automated eco-doom generator will be launched in the New Year… “Mother Jones’s Eco-Doom Headline Generator When climate change takes over, this little robot will carry on if we cannot. When climate change takes over, rendering MoJo editors … Continue reading

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