Job SQ003 – gather images for youtube about Environment Commission

If you are interested in doing this job, please email us on, in case
a) it has already been done and we’ve forgotten to take it down
b) things have Changed and the job is now very different.
And please remember our terms and conditions – we don’t pay you, you don’t get expenses. You DO get to choose to be anonymous or not…

Date added: 3 Jan
Situation: We want to make a quick video explaining the who why what of the Environment Commission.
Mission:Grab pictures of individuals/logos/ from official sites and save them onto a memory stick
Execution: Go to the relevant websites (we can point you to the right ones) and get mug shots of the Commissioners. Label them usefully, send them to us in a folder
Administration: You need to be methodical!
Command and Control: You’re in charge. Until we are… But if you want to learn the gentle art of (lousy) video-making, then mention that…

Autonomy: Yep
Mastery: This is grunt work, no question, but you’ll need to be systematic in how and where you save stuff.
Purpose: You’re helping educate folks about the governance structures of Manchester! Woohoo!!


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