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Polar Bear Facepalm: (“analysis” of) Climate Camp #epicfail

Speechless, really. “I acknowledge the significance of post-Hardin literature on the commons whole-heartedly, but place myself in opposition to such literalizing interpretations of CfCA’s anti-authoritarian ecology, discerning in fears about the commons a certain 21st-century Hobbesianism that the mere experience … Continue reading

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Event Report: A game of one half – witnessed

Attention Conservation Notice: MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson makes it half-way through a day-long academic seminar about climate change and social movements before finally losing his rag and invoking the law of two feet. Not of interest to casual readers. Or … Continue reading

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Articles Review: Crises, Camps and Citizenship

MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson reads three academic papers on the stepper at the gym. And is impressed, distressed and depressed, in that order. Compressed reviews follow. Economic and Ecological Crises: Green new deals and no-growth economies Bob Jessop Beyond the … Continue reading

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“Screw all the hippies”- An event report from the Big Six Energy Bash.

By Henry Davis In February 2011, Climate Camp produced a statement which contained the following: “As a movement, to be relevant, we need to move with the times. Therefore the Camp for Climate Action has decided, after much discussion and … Continue reading

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“There’s no justice, there’s just us”

We asked MCFly reader “shakkka” to tell us what she thought about the past, present and future of non-violent direct action on climate change. Here’s what she sent us. (We’re publishing this today to mark this.) As Paul Mason said … Continue reading

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