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The moment of maximum danger – What next for #ExtinctionRebellion in #Manchester? #unsolicitedadvice #oldfartclimateadvice

More and more talk of climate change in the papers, on the news. New documentaries that cut through the public’s lack of awareness. Soothing words come from the politicians, but the Prime Minister has become a weakened figure, everyone counting … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: (“analysis” of) Climate Camp #epicfail

Speechless, really. “I acknowledge the significance of post-Hardin literature on the commons whole-heartedly, but place myself in opposition to such literalizing interpretations of CfCA’s anti-authoritarian ecology, discerning in fears about the commons a certain 21st-century Hobbesianism that the mere experience … Continue reading

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Event Report: A game of one half – witnessed

Attention Conservation Notice: MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson makes it half-way through a day-long academic seminar about climate change and social movements before finally losing his rag and invoking the law of two feet. Not of interest to casual readers. Or … Continue reading

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Articles Review: Crises, Camps and Citizenship

MCFly co-editor Marc Hudson reads three academic papers on the stepper at the gym. And is impressed, distressed and depressed, in that order. Compressed reviews follow. Economic and Ecological Crises: Green new deals and no-growth economies Bob Jessop Beyond the … Continue reading

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“Screw all the hippies”- An event report from the Big Six Energy Bash.

By Henry Davis In February 2011, Climate Camp produced a statement which contained the following: “As a movement, to be relevant, we need to move with the times. Therefore the Camp for Climate Action has decided, after much discussion and … Continue reading

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“There’s no justice, there’s just us”

We asked MCFly reader “shakkka” to tell us what she thought about the past, present and future of non-violent direct action on climate change. Here’s what she sent us. (We’re publishing this today to mark this.) As Paul Mason said … Continue reading

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