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Video: Dave Bishop on tree-planting VERSUS bio-diversity in #manchester #beyondthecarbonbudget

Dave Bishop, who will be launching his “biodiversity in Manchester” report at the “Beyond the Carbon Budget” event on Tuesday 16th July, 12.45pm Friends Meeting House, on why planting (ash) trees is not a panacea for biodiversity loss. WARNING: Contains … Continue reading

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Action for Sustainable Living: ‘Local Project Manager’ (voluntary) – jobs going

Volunteer Role Description    Local Project Manager Role title: ‘Local Project Manager’ (voluntary) Responsible to:         Sustainability Coordinator Duration:                    Minimum 6 Months The aim of the LPM role AfSL works with volunteers in South Manchester to promote sustainable living in … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: #Manchester Airports Group celebrates emissions… #beyondsatire

If you were a satirist, you’d be killing yourself about now…. The 2011-2 Annual Report of Manchester Airports Group clearly thinks a skyfull of aviation emissions is something to celebrate.       Feeling helpless? Well, Steady State Manchester is … Continue reading

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Education for Climate Change – now THAT’S what I call carbon literacy…

There’s a chap called Graham Wayne who has been writing well about climate change for a quite a while.  Here’s a link to his latest piece. Skip the preamble and start the paragraph that begins “OK, enough preamble. We have … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: #Manchester as “Original Modern” city #academicgibberish

From here “This three-year project addresses these issues through a series of research- and practice- case studies and experiments. It examines how different interests in the ‘creative city’ do and could contribute to the development of a sustainable Greater Manchester and … Continue reading

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“Something for the Weekend” Sat 29th June #Manchester #climate

How do you stop a skunk from smelling? Chop off his nose! And for any Animal Rights activists who are not amused – Richard Leese told me this joke over a pint last night. True story. Right, two events this … Continue reading

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Of Green Deals, politics, the media and … Saving the World #CarbonCoop #climate

Jonathan Atkinson of Carbon Coop reflects on Green Deals, (ir)responsible journalism and messy political realities… So Green Deal, the Government’s flagship domestic sustainability programme is screwed. It’s been going six months and only a handful of people have signed up … Continue reading

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