Proof readers (pre-publication)

MCFly requires proof readers to go through and check the drafted monthly newsletter.

You would be required to check the text, layout and format before it’s printed and make sure that there are no spelling, grammar or glaring factual errors. You would most likely be working to a tight deadline – around 48 hours – and will be offering us a fresh pair of eyes on the draft. We realise that you are human and will miss some things but we are hoping that you will work to your best ability to help MCFly produce the best publication possible.

As well as checking the text, the proof reader would be required to ensure that images/graphs/illustrations are correctly captioned and that pages are numbered correctly and that headings are accurate. We would send you a confidential pdf and a pro forma for you to note errors. You will therefore require a computer with an internet connection.

Essential Skills
* An eye for typing errors, grammar and spelling mistakes
* Ability to improve sentence structure and flow
* Able to check text for clarity, style and tone
* To ensure consistency in hyphenation, abbreviations, formatting etc
* Basic IT and research skills to make amendments
* Patience and high level of concentration
* Methodological
* Reliable and able to work to tight deadlines
* Able to cope with repetitive tasks
* Self motivated

* A basic knowledge of climate change issues so can spot factual errors
* Knowledge of local organisations and Greater Manchester
* Graphic design knowledge when making suggestions for improvements to layout
* Awareness of our in-house writing style


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