Success Metrics

On one level, it’s pretty simple: MCMs that come out on time, with a minimum of typos etc, and that deliver accurate (no need for retractions/clarifications) and non-trivial information in a digestible format.

But we don’t want to just interpret the world, we want to change it.

Two obvious goals are
a) getting a permanent Oversight and Scrutiny Committee devoted to looking at Climate Change mitigation and adaptation
b) instituting and protecting a monthly public meeting at which a senior politician and/or a senior bureaucrat come to answer the public’s questions about what is and isn’t being done.

Also, from a social media point of view
300 subscribers to “Manchester Climate Monthly” by end of 2012
Average of 100 page views per day (exclusive of spam links) over every month of 2012 (but not if it means having to do posts with titles like “Free Sex Lottery Win at Manchester Climate Monthly”
Social media
Facebook friends/fans: 400 by the end of 2012
Twitter followers: 5,00 by the end of June, 1,000 by the end of 2012
Dead tree media
Getting MCM’s name and analysis into ‘mainstream’ press on a ‘regular’ basis…
Social media


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