The next time we at MCFly are telling it like we see it – and giving constructive and cheap suggestions – and are chided for “negativity,” so help us, we will issue forth a stream of good old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon words and may even take some non-violentish direct action.

We are officially Sick To Death of having people dodge alternative ways of doing things by using the emotional blackmail of saying things like “x is made up of volunteers” or “some people had a good time at the event.” There is a really important and not actually very subtle distinction being honest and being negative. If we think there is room for improvement, we will say so*. That is not “negative,” it is honest. We have all of us gotten so used to spin and feel-good Americanisms that we have lost touch with reality.

We here at MCFly are journalists (well, half of us are/is). We ask questions. Awkward questions, if we can think of them. We are NOT public relations hacks. If you want puff pieces and press-releases-turned-into-“stories”, then BUY THE MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS.

Oh, and we are in a fracking climate crisis here, folks. Business as Usual – Bullshit Activism Unchallenged – is NOT going to get us out of this mess. Really, it isn’t. If we want a different result than we have had for the last twenty plus years or so, we need to do things differently.

* It is entirely possible that we are wrong in our assessment.  That’s not the point; it’s when the subject gets changed, or excuses get made…

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