As well as the Monthly printed publication we have

a) the website, which is update at least weekly, more frequently if there are newsworthy stories

b) Youtube videos and podcasts about issues around Manchester’s response to climate change, published on a when-we-have-time basis

c) Manchester Climate Councillors’ Quarterly
– a two page publication designed to be read (or skimmed and binned!) by Manchester City Council’s 96 councillors. This will be published roughly in March, June, September and December. McMonthly readers are invited to print off copies and attend their local councillors’ next surgeries to raise the issues contained therein.

d) “The State of the City’s Future”
an annual scorecard on how the City Council, AGMA, businesses and civil society organisations are progressing. Will also contain the winning entries in the short story and essay competitions that McMonthly will be commencing in 2012.

e) (possible) A collectively-written Resilience Assessment of Greater Manchester, building on the work of the Ecocities Project (if it happens, that won’t be until early-mid 2013)


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