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#Manchester Councillor proud of city’s record. Finds out emissions up. Still proud.

It began, as so many things do these days, with a tweet. Rebecca Moore, the newest councillor [Labour (of course)] for Withington, proclaimed that it was a Good Thing more people don’t vote Green. Just for laffs (or “shits and … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Facepalm: UKIP #climate policy

This is not news to people who’ve been paying attention, but still…

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Job Alert: Friends of the Earth North West Campaigner #Manchester or #Liverpool

Friends of the Earth North West Campaigner (maternity leave) Starting salary: £23,205 to £31,935. (For part-time hours, the salary is a percentage of that) Maximum salary: £31,935 Location: North West with working from offices in either Manchester or Liverpool. Home … Continue reading

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#Manchester academic; “Planes and ships escape scrutiny in bottom-up climate regime”

This is a re-post (with permission) from the rather excellent Responding to Climate Change site. It is ‘hooked’ on recent work by Dr Alice Larkin-Bows, of University of Manchester School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering. Planes and ships escape … Continue reading

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Video: All you need to now abt #climate science, in 85 seconds. With swearing.

From the Australian outfit that our beloved Rhodes Scholar* Tony Abbott tried to kill off. *I’m not joking. You may be as baffled as me as to how this is possible (was he dropped on his head aged 23?), but … Continue reading

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Santa Claus supports renewables… Merry Atheistmas, #Manchester #climate monthly readers

and this

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#Manchester City Council in low performance on energy indicators shocker! #whoknew

Are you sitting down?  Are you braced for a shock? It turns out that Manchester City Council … isn’t performing very well on energy issues, especially when it comes to independent monitoring and verification*!!  Meanwhile,bears are catholic. In a report … Continue reading

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Polarbear Facepalm: Australian PM Tony Abbott. No words, no words…

From here.

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#Manchester activist writes on the Lima to Paris #climate talks

Justice or the climate, which would you choose? So the Lima talks have apparently ended in ‘success’. If so you have to ask how much more ‘success’ the planet can take. Twenty two years after the Rio Earth Summit you … Continue reading

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The hopelessness of #climate change and #Manchester City Council getting you down? Try “Ignorital”!!

Rampant emissions, evasive to the point of duplicitous bureaucrats, over-worked councillors.  Rampant emissions.  No apparent political leadership. It could all get a bit depressing.  That’s why this drug, as advertised here, seems such a good idea…

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