UPDATE 13/4/2016  MCFly is these days Marc Hudson, PhD student, and a couple of other people who pitch in with excellent articles.  It mostly exists now to document the grotesque and escalating failure of Manchester’s green political “elite” – the City Council, the Low Carbon Hub, the MACF farce – to keep even their small promises from years ago. It does this mostly via Freedom of Information Act requests, though leaks are always welcome.  If you want to get involved, you’ll learn a bunch of useful skills (research, writing, video-making etc)  mcmonthly@gmail.com

We are non-partisan (all the parties – Labour, Lib Dem, Greens – are useless) and we’re not fans of the stale repertoires of social movements –  the smugosphere and emotathons and all that jazz.


Manchester Climate Monthly exists to inform and inspire and connect people in (Greater) Manchester who are taking or who want to take action to improve the quality of their lives and communities and to prepare for the changes that are coming because of climate change and energy price rises.

UPDATE 3/4/2013 – And *involve.*  We are going to make real efforts now to get folks involved in what we do, and in what other groups do. That means getting new people integrated, keen to stay involved etc.  It means having a weekly “things you can do” post.

Manchester means Greater Manchester (we will do our best, but the editors live in Manchester and Salford Manchester.)
Climate means climate change and the need for resilience, since we don’t know what sorts of changes are coming.  So that means food, energy, transport, solidarity and, most of all – “governance.” What do we mean by governance? The way that public bodies behave;  how transparent are they? Do they admit mistakes? Do they ask for help in meaningful ways?  If we don’t get into habits of trust and collaboration when times are (relatively) good, then what do we expect to happen when the human excrement starts making contact with the blades of the air-circulating machinery?
Monthly means monthly. Except maybe August. Depends how lazy we’re feeling. That’s the print thing. The website will be updated much more frequently than that…

Who are these editor people?
Arwa Aburawa and Marc Hudson.  [Arwa has been demoted to merely working for Al-Jazeera…]

How much are they paid for their work?
£0.00 per hour. For a 20 or so hour working week (maybe more, it’s fluid)

How can they be reached?


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  1. My e-mail is down for the weekend, so I thought I would post a link to an UN report about Digital Date, its challenges and opportunities: http://www.unglobalpulse.org/BigDataforDevWhitePaper. Also a link to the group fighting Peels incinerator I was asked to help: http://www.breathecleanairgroup.co.uk/

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