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Democracy, exclusion, ‘citizens’ and the “hustings” that wasn’t…

After the untimely death of Deyika Nzeribe, Manchester Green Party found another candidate for the Greater Mayoral elections happening tomorrow. That candidate, Will Patterson, was at a “hustings” last week at the Lowry. Except he wasn’t on the stage with … Continue reading

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Event report: #Reclaim the hour #Manchester #ReclaimMCR

NB This post is nothing to do with/about the excellent “Reclaim” project On the plus side, this time there were chairs to sit on and decent speakers. On the downside, this time there was no wine to wash down the … Continue reading

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Event Report: Changing Institutions and these children that you spit on…

Anything blog about an event with change in the title twice (“Changing Institutions in a Changing Climate”) needs to start with this; Audley Genus is a professor of innovation and technology management at Kingston Business School, Kingston University.  He straddles … Continue reading

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Event Report: Kevin Anderson on informed hope Trumping despair…

The tl:dr.  Professor Kevin Anderson, one of the most plain-spoken and photogenic* climate scientists on the planet still isn’t willing to say that we are definitely doomed.  Graphs and well-aimed barbs at policy-makers and climate scientists ensued…. [*  he’s a bloke, … Continue reading

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Event Report: UCU #climate conference, #Manchester

So, “The Role of Education Institutions in tackling climate change”, a one day free (as a starving (cough, cough) PhD student, currently my favourite word) UK conference here in unseasonably sunny Manchester. Started on time, with some Spartism which we … Continue reading

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Theatre Review: “Climate of Fear”

Climate change is a toxic subject for theatre. It’s not going to bring in large audiences, star performers or supply a catchy show name to put up in lights. More likely, it will further whiten and age the crowd, sprinkling … Continue reading

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Repost: Carbon Co-op AGM event report #Manchester

Congrats to Carbon Co-op for hosting an interesting AGM, and for getting an informative post about it (see below) up asap for those who could not be there. This should be standard operating procedure of course, but too rarely is… … Continue reading

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