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Example 423 of the failure of #climate leadership in #Manchester

When the climate emergency requires our “leaders” to speak loudly, to behave with vigour and clarity, we get… procrastination and muddled-thinking evasiveness.   NFM – Normal For Manchester.   Why do I go to events with titles like  “The development of … Continue reading

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The #climatestrike in#Manchester – hopes and fears…

So, it happened!  It happened all across the UK. And in Manchester it was  (far) bigger, noisier and far more FUN than anyone expected it would be.  There were hundreds (perhaps a thousand?) congregated in St Peters Square. Dozens of … Continue reading

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Is Capitalism unsustainable? The jury’s out-ish. Is ego-fodderfication unsustainable? Sadly not/hell yes.

I don’t know how much rethinking economics is actually going on (I have my suspicions, but no hard data). I do have a good idea of how much rethinking politics/academia/civilsocietying is going on, and it’s not much at all/zero. The … Continue reading

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Event Report: “Smart Cities” or not so smart? #Manchester

“You can trade carbon on your way to the airport” – this was probably the standout jaw dropper last Friday night at an MMU/Science Festival event putatively on “Global Science, Local Impact: Smart Cities.” There was some stiff competition, such … Continue reading

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Repost: A tale of 3 retrofits #Manchester #CarbonCoop

from here A Tale of Three Retrofits This autumn social saw members get together for an informative and enjoyable evening at Leaf on Portland St. We heard from three very different households who have recently completed (or almost completed!) their … Continue reading

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Event Report: Faith? Planet? Community? No’ better blues…

The Catholic Church says despair is a mortal sin. On that basis, after three hours in Manchester Cathedral at a truly grotesque ‘Our Faith, Our Community, Our Planet‘ event, after I have burned on earth, then I will burn in … Continue reading

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Democracy, exclusion, ‘citizens’ and the “hustings” that wasn’t…

After the untimely death of Deyika Nzeribe, Manchester Green Party found another candidate for the Greater Mayoral elections happening tomorrow. That candidate, Will Patterson, was at a “hustings” last week at the Lowry. Except he wasn’t on the stage with … Continue reading

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